Phase 1 | Initial Commissions Setup

For AgencyBloc to properly track your incoming carrier and upline commission payments, you first need to tell it who to pay and how much. These videos will provide you with the basis for using AgencyBloc’s Commission Module. As you watch these videos, we recommend that you follow along in your AgencyBloc account.

Estimated time commitment: 43 Minutes
Total number of videos: 5
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1. How to Build Rate Tables (10:23)

AgencyBloc’s rate tables are the basis of commission payouts in AgencyBloc. They track how your incoming commissions are split out to different parties. This video will walk you through setting up your first rate table and discuss the different rate types you can track.

Additional Resources:

Need to build rate tables that change over time or rates tables for a specific carrier, coverage type, or carrier products? Visit Advanced Commission Topics to watch:

2. How to Assign Payees (5:42)

Payees are those who are earning commission for different policies. They are based on the splits and hierarchy schedules you have for your commission payout structures. Note: An agent must be listed in the Agent’s tab and associated with an agency in AgencyBloc to be used as a payee.

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3. Creating Payee Schedules (7:59)

Payee schedules create efficiencies in your commissions processing by saving you time from building a rate table and assigning payees for every policy. They’re ideal for those who assign and pay commissions the same way every single time. This video will cover what payee schedules are, help you determine if they’re right for you, and discuss how to use them effectively.

Additional Resources:

If you have a lot of policies in AgencyBloc with a variety of rate scenarios, AgencyBloc's payee import may make your process more efficient. Visit Advanced Commission Topics to watch the Using the Payee Import video.

4. Using Commission Defaults (2:49)

AgencyBloc’s commission defaults help you define how someone is paid. For example, if you always keep 100% of the incoming commission, you can set up a policy default that calculates 100% “going to the house” (or you.) Please let your Client Success Manager know if this is how your agency distributes commissions. You can also use AgencyBloc’s agent defaults to create a defaulted payee schedule for agents who always get paid the same way.

Additional Resources:

5. Mapping Commission Statements (15:58)

AgencyBloc’s mapping technology takes your carrier (or upline) commission statements and quickly imports and matches the information with your existing book of business data. Each agency builds import maps that are unique to its agency and carriers. Note: Your carrier (or upline) commission statements must be formatted in a .CSV, .XLS, or .XLSX file.

Note: If you're using Firefox as your web browser, be sure to close your file out of Excel before clicking Choose File for the commission file. Otherwise, it won't save properly and your mapping will be rejected.

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