Phase 2 | Importing & Reconciling Commissions

Once you have your commissions set up in AgencyBloc’s Commission Module, it’s time to start bringing in your statements. These videos will cover everything you need to know for importing and reconciling your commissions each commission run. As you watch these videos, we recommend that you follow along in your AgencyBloc account.

Estimated time commitment: 55 Minutes
Total number of videos: 8
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1. How to Import Commission Statements (4:51)

AgencyBloc’s commission import tool is one of the biggest timesavers for AgencyBloc commission users. Use the import tool to quickly bring your carrier (or upline) commission statements into your AgencyBloc account to start the process.

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2. Using AgencyBloc's Standard Commission Import Template (3:04)

The standard commission import template allows you to create a standardized file to import your carrier (or upline) commission statements. Download the Standard Commission Import template (.XLS), fill it out, import, and then you’re set each period for your commission run. You can use the template for one carrier at a time or for multiple.

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3. Adding Manual Commission Entries (8:57)

Some agencies prefer to enter commission statements manually. An agency may choose to enter commissions manually because they need to make an adjustment or add a bonus, the statement is small and manageable, or the statement isn’t in the proper format for import.

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4. Adding & Editing Commission Entries (9:58)

The add & edit entries functionality in AgencyBloc helps you ensure that your imported commission statements are correct. Visit Add & Edit Entries for each imported statement to review the entries and catch any errors.

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5. How to Reconcile Commission Statements (12:16)

A red edit indicates that something on your commission statement hasn’t linked up correctly in your AgencyBloc account. The error could be because of a typo, missing policy information, or the system isn’t sure how to split the commission (i.e., missing rate table or payee). Watch this video for an in-depth look at red edits and how to reconcile them.

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6. Purging & Deleting Commission Entries (1:57)

If you need to remove commission entries from your AgencyBloc account, you will use the purge or delete functions. Note: This will NOT remove the associated transaction. You can either delete that separately or import a new file into the existing transaction. If you delete a transaction, it will also delete ALL entries within it.

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7. An Overview of Transactions (6:14)

Transactions are a way of organizing your commissions and deposit information. Depending on your agency's needs, you may use them simply or in complex ways. Transactions are the starting point for AgencyBloc commissions, so you’ll want to be familiar with them.

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8. Adding & Tracking Commission Deposits (6:59)

Deposits are a way to track commission entries in AgencyBloc back to your bank statements or accounting system. You can add deposits to both new and existing transactions. Although tracking deposits is optional, there are benefits to tracking this information.

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