Phase 3 | End of Cycle Processing & Reporting

This level will cover the end of cycle processing and reporting. Regardless if your commission cycle is weekly, monthly, or quarterly, these are the things you’ll do after each cycle to close out your commissions and prepare for reporting. As you watch these videos, we recommend that you follow along in your AgencyBloc account. 

Estimated time commitment: 24 Minutes
Total number of videos: 6
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1. Finalizing Your End of Pay Period Details (6:23)

If you’ve entered your commissions and are ready to finalize everything for the end of the period, then this is your next step. Follow along in this video to learn how to lock your statement dates and prepare your commissions for reporting.

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2. Merging Agent Statement Dates (1:15)

If you need to combine your agent statement dates, you’ll need to merge those dates. This video will discuss the steps you’ll follow to merge your agent statement dates. Note: Once you merge a date into another, the former will disappear.

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3. Running the Agent Statement Report (8:44)

The Agent Statement report is one of the most common reports agencies run at the end of each pay period. It provides a consolidated statement with every entry from every carrier for every agent. This report is handy even if you’re not splitting money to agents and keeping 100% of the earned commission. Note: You can run this report as a PDF or CSV. If you choose PDF, you can exclude the summary pages. If you choose CSV, you'll need to run the Agent Adjustment Report to see adjustments and balance forwards.

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4. Running the Commission Totals Report (1:07)

The Commission Totals report is handy if you’re paying agents. It gives you a quick report that shows how much you’re paying each agent in one line. It’s also nice for end-of-the-year reporting to summarize much you’ve paid each agent that year.

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5. Running the Commission Received/Paid Report (1:33)

Another handy report in AgencyBloc is the Commission Received/Paid report. This report will show you how much you’ve received by carrier, how much you’ve accounted for, and the net commission. This report gives you insight into where issues may lie and can be an insightful report to run mid-process to ensure you’re on track.

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6. Running the Commission Not Received Report (4:37)

The Commission Not Received report is one of the most valuable reports you can run in AgencyBloc. Use this report to identify missing payments from carriers that should have paid you but haven’t yet. Note: You must enter and track Bill From Date in your account for this report to function correctly.

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