We're excited to be returning for our second year at Ascend Growth & Leadership Summit!

Last year, we joined Ascend on their podcast to help bring more awareness and education to what an Agency Management System (AMS) is and why insurance agencies of all sizes are making the move to one. If you missed it last year, take a second and check it out.

Do you know how to truly research software vendors you're thinking of doing business with?

Equip yourself with the tools to know the people behind the product. Download our free Beyond the Product Vendor Research Tool to help you make the right choice for your insurance agency.

  • What is "going beyond the demo"?

    Going beyond the demo is looking at the people behind the product. It's important that the software is the right match for your agency, but you should also be considering whether the people are the right match. 

  • Why should I care who develops/services the software?

    Your book of business is too important to chance working with people who don't share the same business values as you do. You have to do your research into the people behind the product to know whether the system will be a beneficial, long-term solution for you.

  • How will researching vendors benefit me?

    You'll have a full understanding of who you're going to be working with, not just an understanding of the product itself. After all, your team will be counting on more than just the software—think data migration, ongoing service, security, etc.

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