AgencyBloc Dashboard

Dashboard Overview

AgencyBloc's Dashboard provides a bird's eye of your agency by organizing Activities and visualizing your data into useful graphs. Use these graphs to get a quick look into the performance of your agency and gain insights to help your decision making process. As the Dashboard is a look into your entire agency, we give you control to who has access to see it.

Individual Agent

If you’re an individual agent, you’ll see only your own performance displayed in graphs and charts and Activities assigned to you on your Dashboard.

Agency Owner

If you’re an agency owner, you will see the entire agency’s performance displayed in charts and graphs, and you’ll see all Activities for your agents.

Personal Dashboards

Everyone manages their agency and client information differently. AgencyBloc gives you the ability to build your own personal dashboard to quickly see important information about your agency and clients. Learn More.

The Dashboard gives you a look into data from six areas within AgencyBloc:


AgencyBloc Agency Dashboard


The Activity Dashboard is where you are able to see all of your open and recently completed activities. Sort, filter, and search for activities in your Activity List to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently. Understand your open activities and productivity using the Activity graphs. 

Activity List

With your activity list, you can:

  • Complete activities with one click  - check the box located to the left of the activity for quick completion.
  • View client and related policy information on an activity.
  • Sort and filter activities - allowing you to find and keep the most important items at the top of the list.
  • Select your view range to help you plan your day, week, month.
  • View completed activities from the last 7 days or 4 weeks.

Activities Dashboard

Dashboard View Filter

Activity Graphs

Quickly get a view into what is going on by using the open and completed activities graphs. All of your open activities are shown by status to give you an idea of where things are at in your to-do list. Additionally, check out your productivity from the last four weeks.

  • Open Activities - by Status
  • My Completed Activities - by Week
Activity Graphs


The Groups area makes it easy to gain insight into how Groups are doing in your agency. View high-level metrics by status, type, lead source and number of polices. Get an idea of where groups are and which leads sources are performing the best.


Quickly review all of your groups in AgencyBloc using these graphs:

  • Groups - by Type
  • Groups - by Status
  • Groups & Policies - by Lead Source


The Individuals area makes it easy to get insights into the state of individual records in your agency.View high-level metrics by status, type, lead source and number of polices. Get an idea of where individuals are and which leads sources are performing the best.


Quickly see all of your individuals in AgencyBloc using these graphs:

  • Individuals - by Type
  • Individuals- by Status
  • Individuals & Policies - by Lead Source


The Policies area helps you keep track of your book of business by showing you all of your polices. View your policies by status, coverage type, holder type, and how many new policies were recently added.


Gain insight into your policies from multiple angles using these graphs:

  • All Policies - By Status
  • All In-Force Policies - by Coverage Type
  • In-Force Policy Saturation
  • New Policies - by Coverage Type
  • New Individual Policies - by Month
  • New Group Policies - by Month


As an agency, understanding and working with Carriers is a part of your daily grind. With this area of the Agency Dashboard, you get insight into which carriers perform the best for groups and individuals and which carrier products are used the most.


Understand the carriers in your book of business using these graphs:

  • All Individual Policies - by Carrier
  • All Group Policies - by Carrier
  • Top Carrier Products
Agency Carriers


(Plus plans only)

The results of all of your hard work can viewed, tracked, and analyzed by getting a look into your commissions. View your commissions by carrier, top agents, and gain insight into where the dough is made.


See and gain insight into your commissions using these graphs:

  • Top Commissions Received - by Carrier
  • Top Commissions Received - by Agent
  • Net Comisisons - by Carrier
  • Net vs Received Commissions - by Coverage Type