AgencyBloc Saved Content


For the busy insurance agency, creating consistent and maintainable email content can be a challenge. Having the right tools makes all the difference. To help your agency manage email communications, use Saved Content to gain back time in your day so you can focus on growing your business. You can use AgencyBloc’s pre-built content, templates, or create your own saved content to use again and again. If you often send the same types of email messages, you can turn that message into Saved Content.

What’s the benefit?

Why use Saved Content and pre-built AgencyBloc templates? To save yourself time to focus on other aspects of your buisness while staying connected with current clients and prospects. Here's how you can do it with Saved Content:

  • Streamline email campaigns - with Saved Content you can pull for continually re-use

  • Consistency - the look for your emails can remain in the same style 

  • Automation - once created, it can be set-up to send based on specific trigger types without you needing to go back in to click send

  • Pre-built content - helps you get started with templates for specific triggers, helps you get started with email campaigns and automation

Overall, the ability to use Saved Content and templates will help you use email as a tool to stay in communication with your clients and assist in saving you time to focus on growing your business.

What is Saved Content?

Saved Content is a pre-built message that can be quickly inserted into the email editor when you are creating emails in a campaign. Pull from your library of Saved Content to cut down on the time it takes to compose emails in your campaigns. You can create Saved Content from scratch or start with AgencyBloc’s pre-built content.

You can create just text, a combination of text and images, or whole email layouts with text, variable data, and images. Any user with access to Email Campaigns can create, edit, or delete saved content. All of your agency’s saved content and AgencyBloc’s pre-built content display under the Saved Content tab in the Email Campaigns area of AgencyBloc.

There are two kinds of Saved Content:

  • AgencyBloc Pre-built content -  insurance industry specific emails for your use. These cannot be deleted or modified.
  • Your Saved Content - content created by you or users in your Agency.

Saved Content

AgencyBloc Pre-Built Content

AgencyBloc includes pre-built industry specific emails. You can use these emails to fit your needs based on policies, individuals, and agents. Also, our pre-built content gives you an idea of what emails to start with, and you can build from there.

Here’s a list of AgencyBloc’s Pre-built content:

Based on policy:

  • Cross-selling
  • Insurance application approval notification
  • Open enrollment reminders (3 reminders)
  • Policy renewal

Based on individuals:

  • Client welcome
  • Client feedback
  • Happy birthday (3 options)
  • Happy holidays (3 options)
  • Happy New Year (2 options)
  • Turning 65

Based on agents:

  • Happy birthday
  • E&O expiration notification
  • License expiration notification

AgencyBloc Pre-Built Content