Sales Comments

  • Not a true SaaS
  • Pretty outdated interface
  • Set-up for primarily group not individuals,  Does track EE's benefits.  
  • Does commissions

Feature Grid

Data Conversion

Note: There are two versions to GBS (hosted & web-based).  The following ESTIMATE is for only the hosted version.

  • Price: $250-$350

  • Timeline: 5-7 Working days

  • Difficulty Level: Hosted version - we have an existing utility that is very efficient.

  • How to find data file: On the computer that GBS is installed, open up Windows Explorer and search for the following: /gbswin32/data/  If these folders exist, there should be a .mdb file.  
    Note: Also have them send a screenshot of the key screens they use. Because in GBS the filed names can be changed we need to know specifics.

Miscellaneous Information