CI: RadiusBob

Sales Comments

  • Notes are all in one area hard to maneuver.
  • Like how it tracks the lead through a process Cold to Hot

Case Study

Feature Grid

Notes on features:

  • Commissions: As best I can tell they offer something akin to our AvP.  I saw no reference to processing commission statements and all that it entails!
  • Lead routing: By status/type can select by state, zip, co, product and route in round robin fashion to a list of agents or an agent. Can have several lead routing lists.  
  • Browser-based click to dial: Look like they use an integration with Twilio at an addition cost of $10/mo--does not say if that is per user or plan. Records call and automatically saves and stores under the client.
  • WF: Similar to ours, can send text messages too, uses “minutes” in addition to days/months.
  • Rating engines: Integrate with CSG & Ninja

Data Conversion

  • Price: Assume typical fees for using excel file.

  • Note from Tori (email sent to client):

The first thing I want to let you know is that the way that RadiusBob set up your attachment file makes it unusable for import. Can you perhaps request that the attachments be formatted differently. If you have a contact for RadiusBob, a short phone call regarding what our system needs and what they can provide would be extremely beneficial.

Secondly, I have your base data ready to import. The only issue is that there is very few policy numbers. I do need a unique number to import policies. I can use a fake number (temp001, temp002, etc.) but you will need to match policy numbers for commissions. That would mean updating the policies upon receiving payment.

Miscellaneous Information