Sales Comments

  • Notes are all in one area hard to maneuver.
  • Like how it tracks the lead through a process Cold to Hot

Case Study

Feature Grid

Notes on features:

  • Generic system---are HIPPA compliant

  • Primary focus is on Sales not Service

  • Uses Deals: Stage, Probability of Close, Projected Revenue, etc.

  • Tasks: can set as recurring (specify frequency), can link to a url , hide details so only note shows.

  • Uses Marketing Campaigns

  • Has parent child on group (called account in ZOHO)

  • Reports: can select from list of available columns headings

  • Can create new tab, sections within tab and click and drag content within section

  • Can edit existing tabs, delete and add variables and sections

  • Can print labels

  • Have extensions for Dropbox, Mailchimp, Survey Monkey, DocuSign, QuickBooks, Slack & others

  • Integration/app with Outlook, Office Suite, Phone Bridge (Twilio, Ringio, RingCentral & others)

Data Conversion

  • N/A

Miscellaneous Information