The Innovative Agent & AgencyBloc Partnership

AgencyBloc helps life and health insurance agencies grow their business by organizing and automating their operations using a combination of an industry-specific CRM, commissions processing, and integrated marketing automation.

The Innovative Agent

We are proud to partner with The Innovative Agent to assist health & life insurance agencies automate their operations & gain more strategic insight into their overall business.

"AgencyBloc was easily the most cost effective and easy-to-use Commission system we looked at. We have been using them now for the past two years—service is great, the people are knowledgeable and friendly. Just outstanding customer service."

Jeff, Gateway Insurance Marketing

"This program has saved us hours and hours; I would recommend it to anyone wanting to be more efficient with their commission accounting and client tracking."

Raeann, Insurance Annex

Key Features

Industry Specific

We know your industry! Very little customization is needed after setting up an account with us.

Access your own book-of-business

Login and see all your clients in one place, groups or individuals. Know your client's basic info, how they became a client, who their relations are, the policies that they have and all of the details about those policies.

Make informed business decisions

Visualize your data to help you better understand your book-of-business and help you make the most informed business decisions possible.

Commissions Processing

Our commissions processing software allows agencies to quickly pay commissions by importing carrier provided data files and calculating and splitting commissions by agents.

Actual vs. Projected Commissions

Our "Actual vs. Projected" solution will present a comparison of actual against expected commissions and shine a light on policies that should be reviewed, making it easier for agencies to identify commission inaccuracies.

Additionally you will also be able to project revenues for current and next year, giving you strong data to use in their business planning.

Store your files in the cloud

AgencyBloc enables you to attach documents where they belong, rather than just storing them in folders on your computer or network. In the case of a disaster, we'll still have your files!

Email Campaigns

Industry specific filters allow you to send targeted emails to the right people at the right time.

AgencyBloc Customer Service

We have the same phone number for sales and customer support, we like talking to our clients!

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