KHI & AgencyBloc Partnership

AgencyBloc helps life and health insurance agencies grow their business by organizing and automating their operations using a combination of an industry-specific CRM, commissions processing, and integrated marketing automation.


We are proud of the trust KHI has placed in our organization and hope that our technology can serve your agency as well!

"I like that information on carriers, clients and policies are online and accessible at our convenience. Even if out of the office, we can access policy applications and our communications quite easily as long as we have internet access."

Bill, The Edgar Group

"Of all the systems that we looked into and investigated, AgencyBloc was by far the most functional and had the most advantages at the most economical pricing model."

Brian, BOST Workplace Benefits

Key Features

Industry Specific

We know your industry! Very little customization is needed after setting up an account with us.

Access your own book-of-business

Login and see all your clients in one place, groups or individuals. Know your client's basic info, how they became a client, who their relations are, the policies that they have and all of the details about those policies.

Track the sales process from start to finish

From prospect to client - AgencyBloc makes it easy to keep track of where someone is in the sales cycle.

Make informed business decisions

Visualize your data to help you better understand your book-of-business and help you make the most informed business decisions possible.

Store your files in the cloud

AgencyBloc enables you to attach documents where they belong, rather than just storing them in folders on your computer or network. In the case of a disaster, we'll still have your files!

Provide top-notch customer support

Keep track of important interactions with your clients by tracking emails, phone calls, etc. Quickly glance at notes from previous interactions with the client before even picking up the phone.

AgencyBloc Customer Service

We have the same phone number for sales and customer support, we like talking to our clients!

To watch the webinar "Getting Organized Using a Contact Management System" presented by AgencyBloc, specifically for KHI, click here.

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