Personal Dashboards

AgencyBloc's Dashboard provides a bird's eye of your agency by organizing Activities and visualizing your data into useful graphs. As the Dashboard is a look into your entire agency, we give you control to who has access to see it.


Everyone manages their agency and client information differently. With a personal dashboard, you are able to see what you want and information you need in one place in a quick fashion.


AgencyBloc gives you the ability to build your own personal dashboard to quickly see important information about your agency and clients. Using Favorites, you can ‘star’ dashboard graphs and saved searches to bring them to one single location, then drag and drop to order and reorder your Favorites to see the information the way you want to see it.

With personal dashboards, you can create a setup to meet your needs based on your agency role or focus. Below are a few personal dashboards we came up with based a particular focus to help get you started.

  • Agency Overview Focus
  • Lead Generation & Sales Focus
  • Service & Support Focus
  • Commission & Revenue Focus
  • By Business Segment

 Agency Overview Focus

Agency Overview Focus

For when you want an overview of your agency at a glance, add the following items to your favorites dashboard.

  •  Activity List
  •  All Open Activities - By Status
  •  Groups - By Type
  •  Individuals - by Type
  •  All Policies - By Status
  •  All In-Force Policies - by Coverage Type

 Commissions Focus

Commission & Revenue Focus

Monitoring commissions and revenue can be a tedious task. If your role focuses on working with commissions and analyzing revenue, consider setting up your favorites dashboard with these items:

  • Top Commissions Received - By Carrier
  • Top Commissions Received - By Agent
  • Actual vs. Projected - By Month
  • Actual vs. Projected - By Coverage Type
  • New Policies - by Coverage Type

 Lead & Sales Focus

Lead Generation & Sales Focus

Bringing in leads and closing sales is disciplined art. If you have a focus on generating leads and sales, set up your favorites dashboard with the following items to help your process.

  • Activity List
  • Individuals - by Type
  • Groups - by Type
  • Ind Leads - Last 30 days
  • Ind Leads - Contacted & Interested
  • Group Prospects - Last 60 days

 Service & Support Focus

Service & Support Focus

Supporting & servicing clients after the sale helps maintain and build strong customer relationships. If you have a service & support focus, consider using the following items on your favorites dashboard to help serve your clients.

  • Activity List
  • Pending Policies - Health
  • My Completed - By Week
  • Open Activities - By Status
  • Policies - Renewals in next 90 days
  • Agents - E&O Expiring