Organize, Automate & Grow Your Insurance Agency

AgencyBloc is an agency management system (AMS) that helps life and health insurance agencies grow their business with an industry-specific CRM, commissions processing, and integrated business and marketing automation.


Your data is securely stored in a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based insurance software, which allows you to access your data from anywhere and with anything that is connected to the internet.

Reasons life & health agencies switch to AgencyBloc:

Industry Specific

We know your industry! Track annuities, AD&D, dental, drug, health, life, LTC, LTD, medicare, STD, vision, worksite benefits, and more!


Personal dashboards are customizable allowing you to quickly see important information about your agency and clients. At a glance you can quickly get a pulse on your entire agency.

Automated Workflow

Automated Workflow allows agencies to transition from manual processes that are inefficient and potentially error-prone to automated processes that keep people on track and prevent important activities from falling through the cracks.

Email Campaigns

Industry specific filters allow you to send targeted emails to the right people at the right time.

Commissions Processing

Our commissions processing system allows agencies to quickly pay commissions by importing carrier provided data files.

Customer Service

We have the same phone number for sales and customer support—we like talking to our clients!

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