5 Steps to Choosing an Agency Management System

What is an agency management system?

An agency management system (AMS) is a SaaS (software as a service) technology that insurance agencies use to organize their book-of-business and more effectively run their operations. Though an AMS is often said to be synonymous with a CRM (customer relationship management system), insurance agencies should be careful to take that opinion. An AMS includes CRM capabilities, absolutely. But, a good AMS has many more capabilities that go beyond the customer/client relationship. Beyond tracking clients, a worthwhile AMS can also:

  • Track agents
  • Track policies
  • Track carriers
  • Process commissions
  • Automate workflow
  • Automate email marketing

Learn how to choose the right agency management system for your agency.

What are the 5 steps?

  1. Identify your agency's goals
    What problem do you want to alleviate?
  2. Identify your agency's needs
    What does the system need to do?
  3. Consider your agency's budget
    What is your number and how might it change?
  1. Compare & Select
    What system best meets your goals & needs?
  2. Make it happen
    How can you help your team through the transition?


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