The 2014 Toy Drive

December 17, 2014 in Company News

Salvation Army Toy Drive

In the Spirit of the Season

You know it's the holiday season around here when you walk in the office to see the tree surrounded by children's toys. It's always fun to see what people from the community and our office bring in. We get to see how much cooler toys have gotten over the years (the Easy Bake oven has certianly evolved), or we reminisce about the toys we enjoyed most as children, like the original Lite-Brite.

Nevertheless, when we help load the Salvation Army truck up with all of the toys, we feel good knowing the kids who receive these will be wearing big smiles.

Check out some of the toys we sent out:

Do I see Olaf in there?

Toy Drive

Luke, Greg (one of our developers) & Mike (our marketing guru) loading up the truck.

Loading the Salvation Army truck

Planning to leave with the toys Greg?

Loading the truck

Some little girl is going to rock that pink & purple tricycle!

Toy drive loadin

So many goodies!

Toy Drive Collection

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