Members of The Bloc Reflect on 2018 & Look Ahead to 2019

By Kelsey Rosauer on February 18, 2019 in Life at AgencyBloc

The AgencyBloc Team Reflecting & Looking Ahead

Each new year is an opportunity to reflect on the past year, both personally and professionally. It’s also a time when you’re looking ahead to the coming year and deciding what your goals and aspirations are.

Check out what the AgencyBloc team thought of 2018, what their plans are for 2019, and even what some said was the best year of their lives.

What was the best thing that happened in 2018 & why?

Adam W

"Bought a house. Peace, quiet, and, to quote Braveheart, ‘Freeeedommmmm.’"
Adam Williams | Developer

Brittany L

"I started working for AgencyBloc & it was the best thing that happened because I work with some of the coolest peeps EEVVVEERRRRRR!"
Brittany Liggins | Client Success Specialist

Sara O

"Had a baby, my family grew... plus I got to get a minivan #soccermom"
Sara O'Brien | Marketing Campaign Specialist

Eric D

"Started writing a sci-fi fantasy story. Currently in the planning phase, and the media is TBD."
Eric Debner | Technical Writer

Neal P

"Expanding the Client Success team and diversifying into focused areas of Onboarding and Support."
Neal Price | Operations Manager

Stephanie B

"I started working at AgencyBloc! It is a great company with amazing people!"
Stephanie Bader | Client Success Specialist

Tasha F

"We added a furry member to our family for the first time! We've always been on the fence about having a dog, but I'm so glad we decided to go for it. She has made our home so much more fun, filled with lots of snuggles and slobbery kisses!"
Tasha Fitzgerald | Client Success Specialist

Degin M

"The GBS acquisition. Why? It tested everyone's ability to adapt to adversity and become more agile when faced with great challenges. All teams came together for the greater good of the company which proves that we all have an altruistic spirit. A trait, no matter what industry you work in, hard to find, impossible to teach and 100% Self-less."
Degin Muehling | Sales Representative

Patty F

"Starting with AgencyBloc!"
Patty Fazio | Quality Assurance Analyst

If you were to put a theme on 2018, what would it be & why?

Collin E

"Growth. The company grew a lot due to the acquisition of GBS and all the other clients we gained. We hired lots of new employees and changed the way we work because we have more people and we needed to streamline how we did business. It even got to the point where we decided not to commute between offices for the all team meeting because we just have too many people now."
Collin Eggena | Developer

Dave T

"2018 - How much can we chew? They say don't bite off more than you can chew, if you don't take progressively larger bites you may never find out how much you can chew. 2018 was a year of larger & larger bites, at least in my opinion."
David Thompson | Developer

Gary M

"Change is good! The GBS acquisition and the challenge of onboarding many, many, many new agencies was challenging, exciting, but overall a great experience to see how AB came together to make this work."
Gary Marr | Client Success Specialist

Kelsey R

"Energy!!! First, my daughter was in the toddler stage for most of 2018—from 10 months in January to 21 months in December. What. A. Whirlwind. Second, coming to work every day at AgencyBloc is energizing because of the people I work with, but also the level of caffeine available for consumption in the breakroom."
Kelsey Rosauer | Marketing Brand Specialist

What's your top priority for 2019 & why?

Jen W

"At the moment, it is to come up with a theme for 2018."
Jennifer Warne | VP of Product

Taylor B

"My top priority is trying/doing things that are outside of my comfort zone."
Taylor Brown | Engagement Specialist

Erica K

"Continue to grow the entrepreneurial opportunities our family started in 2018, which include a community online news site and miniature horse farm. Both are teaching our kids hard work, integrity, dedication to quality, and empathy for each other and others. It's going to be a very exciting year!"
Erica Kiefer | VP of Sales & Marketing

Sara C

"Getting married! Ummm, cuz we've been waiting for all the kids to graduate from college and it's finally our turn."
Sara Casarrubias | Client Success Specialist

Cory S

"To learn from our clients....It's critical for us to understand the needs of our clients - both related to AgencyBloc and not - in order to provide the best possible offerings to make them successful. This industry is evolving quickly and we should be a vehicle to help our clients adapt & thrive. Also, it's just great to have opportunities to speak directly with the people who have helped us build what AgencyBloc is today."
Cory Schmidt | CTO & Co-founder

Adam L

"Maintain a better focus on what I want to accomplish - both at work and at home. Why?? Because time flies and I don't want to miss another go around!"
Adam Lewis | CEO & Co-founder

Carrie B

"More family time! Why? Because my kids are getting older and I need to enjoy the time we do have them before they leave the nest."
Carrie Baldwin | Client Success Specialist

Which year has been the best of your life so far? What made it so good?

Becky C

"1999! Three reasons: (1) It's an awesome song, (2) I married my best friend, found my amazing church, and discovered my abilities to geek out (technical term) with the smart people, and (3) I was a lot younger."
Becky Cox | Sr. Web Developer / Tech Lead

Allison B

"Probably 2013 when I studied abroad for the year in Arica, Chile. I cannot put into words what I learned and how I grew that year. It was truly a magical year."
Allison Babberl | Marketing Content Specialist

Tori H

"2019 of course! All the other years are just memories. The present is the best moment because it is here!"
Tori Heerts | Client Success Specialist

Molly S

"2014 because I got to marry my best friend! :)"
Molly Schulte | Client Success Specialist

Tayler H

"2018 - My daughter entered the toddler stage, which has had its share of the Terrible Twos, but it's also been so much fun to see her little personality grow. I also joined the awesome team at AgencyBloc!"
Tayler Hassman | Business Analyst

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