What Makes a Great Work Culture For You? Hear From Tasha!

July 18, 2014 in Life at AgencyBloc


This week, Tasha tells us her feelings and thoughts on work culture. Tasha is the helper around here. She helps numerous clients find success with AgencyBloc each day, but she also helps the team; she's our glue. We joke that she's the mom—the cool mom, of course. See what Tasha has to say about work culture:

When I say culture, what do you think of?

To me, culture means the overall atmosphere, dynamic and “feel” of a group or situation.

What does a company’s work culture entail?

A company’s culture presides over everything. It can mean the difference of success over failure. There’s not a right or wrong culture, but I feel the key to a company’s success is finding employees that agree with and take part in the culture. Culture can not be created or manipulated—it has to happen naturally with the right employees and personalities.

What does a good work culture mean to you?

To me, a good work culture includes respect and trust amongst employees, but also a fun, relaxed atmosphere—even with a little silliness mixed in! After all, we spend a majority of the day at our jobs, so it has to be an enjoyable place to go!

What has always been important to you when job-hunting?

If you had asked me that question when I was right out of college, my answer probably would have been centered around money. However, now that I’m “older and wiser,” I have come to the realization there are so many other factors to consider before taking a job. I’ll say it again—we spend a majority of our waking hours at work; it’s just not healthy or fun to be in place you don’t enjoy.  

What is your favorite thing about going to work?

My answer is the people, and I don’t just mean my co-workers. I absolutely love my clients! I am passionate about what AgencyBloc can do for our clients, and I enjoy getting to talk about AgencyBloc every day! But, my co-workers are pretty awesome too!

What is the most memorable moment thus far that has happened at AB?

I’m sure everyone here would say that moving into our new space has been pretty memorable, and I completely agree. It represents so much more than just a bigger space to work from. It’s exciting to know where AgencyBloc started to where we’re at and where we’re headed.

So, what do you think?

What do you think makes a great work culture? What makes you like coming to work every day? Let us know in the comments!

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