Email and iCal(endar) Integration

October 31, 2011 in Product Updates

Our team is very excited to announce that AgencyBloc now supports Email (BlocMail) and Calendar integration.  Knowing that our agencies leverage different technologies, we set out to make these features platform independent - meaning, whether you're using Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc., you can benefit from this enhancement.  A quick overview of each component is listed below:

BlocMail Overview

Think of AgencyBloc as another member of your agency's team - every user has a unique BlocMail address for their use.  As you communicate with clients, prospects, agents, etc., any email correspondence you want referenced or tracked within your account, simply include your BlocMail address (to, cc or bcc).

The screenshot below shows an e-mail being forwarded into AgencyBloc.

Outlook integration

Calendar Overview

Outlook calendar

As long as your program or client supports iCal, the activities and follow-ups from AgencyBloc will update your office calendar.  The example displayed below is Outlook.

If you're a current customer, click this link to find more information on the above features as well as the specifics of your account.  The feedback from our beta-testers and initial users has been very positive, but we'd like to hear from you too!