Feature Update: Annualized Premium and Application Submissions

September 6, 2012 in Product Updates

Today we are excited to announce the launch of a new report in AgencyBloc titled "Annualized Premium and Application Submissions".  This enhancement will allow you and your agency to:

  • Monitor past production
  • Forecast upcoming potential production
  • More effectively monitor individual agent productivity

AgencyBloc Export

To report on past production, you'll simply filter using Effective Dates - forecasting on future production will all be done via a new field on the Policy Detail screen called "Application Submit Date". To allow you to better monitor agent productivity we've grouped policies together by agent in the report output, allowing you to see Total Annualized Volume by agent.

Here are some changes you may notice:

  • The addition of "Application Submit Date" to the "Policy Detail" screen.
  • "Pay Frequency" transferred from the policy "Coverages" tab to the "Policy Detail" screen.
  • A new report under the Reports section titled "Annualized Premium and Application Submissions."

Edit Policy Information

Already tracking "Application Submit Date"?

No problem! If you're already tracking application submit date (in a Custom Field), let us know and we'll gladly move this data from your custom field into the new "Application Submit Date" field.

We want AgencyBloc to be a valuable tool for your agency and we'll continue to make improvements based on your needs. With that being said, please share your thoughts, concerns, questions, etc. about this enhancement as well as any other features you would find helpful.

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