Feature Updates: BlocMail and Merge Activities

March 31, 2014 in Product Updates

We appreciate all client feedback as it helps us determine development needs in the software. We have heard from many of you about the need to add some features to BlocMail and Activites. You spoke, we listened. Here are a few feature updates to those two parts of the system. To see a historical listing of all changes and updates we've made to AgencyBloc, see the System Changes page under the Help section.

Unassigned BlocMail

When you forward an email into AgencyBloc and it does not get automatically assigned to an Agent,  Individual, or Group you get a notification on your Dashboard telling you that the email needs to be assigned. On this "Assign BlocMail" page, you now have the option to Edit the Subject of the Activity.

Another new option on this page is the ability to assign an incoming BlocMail to an existing activity rather than having to create a new Activity each time a new email is forwarded into AgencyBloc. We heard about this one a lot.

When you assign an incoming email to an existing activity, the new email will be put into the activity thread chronologically based on the Activity Date (newest at top, oldest at bottom). Also, once you assign an email to an existing Activity, that Activity will now use the Subject from the new email.

Merge Activities

We heard from a lot of clients about wanting the ability to merge existing Activities together. Now when you open an Activity there is a "Merge" button next to the "Append" button. Clicking on Merge gives you the option to merge the Activity you are on into any other Activity associated with the current Agent,  Individual, or Group. When you do this, the merged Activities will sort individual threads by their existing dates/times (newest at top, oldest at bottom).

As always, let us know if you have any questions!

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