[Recorded Webinar] Set It & Forget It: The Magic of Automation

In this webinar, you'll learn what automation is, what it means to automate your workflow, what opportunities life & health agencies have to use it, and how you can monitor it all.

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Tasha Fitzgerald


Client Success Specialist

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  • Why automation?

    We use automation everyday whether we realize it or not. We have automatic bill payment, automatic coffee pots, automatic digital thermostats, and automatic ordering and delivery of household essentials. All of this has been created with efficiency in mind—with a “set it & forget it” mentality. Just as we adopt this technology in our personal lives, businesses apply it to the workplace for their teams.

  • What is automated workflow?

    Life and health insurance agencies are turning to automated workflow to create efficiency and consistency in their day-to-day for everyone in their agency. Automation allows agencies to transition from manual processes that are inefficient to an automated system that keeps everyone on track and prevents important activities from falling through the cracks. In this webinar, see the technology behind automated workflows insurance agencies utilize today.

  • How can I apply it to my day-to-day as an insurance agent?

    Every agency will likely differ a bit in the areas they utilize automation because every agency’s business processes and the steps within them are somewhat unique. Therefore, there’s no right answer to what you should automate. However, you can decide what processes to automate by identifying what you’d like to achieve. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to identify where to apply automation; plus, we’ll show you several examples!

About the Presenter:

Tasha Fitzgerald, AgencyBloc

Tasha Fitzgerald is a Client Success Specialist at AgencyBloc and former licensed insurance agent/customer service representative with 20 years of experience in the life and health industry. She works with agencies every day to create efficiencies in their day-to-day and is excited to share her knowledge with you.