2 Ways to Put Your Clients First this Year

2 Ways to Put Your Clients First this Year

Making Meaningful Relationships

Business has changed from a product-centric vision to a service-centric vision. What this means is that the view on customers is changing; they are no longer an aspect but rather the focus.

How Can I Achieve a Client-Focused Strategy?

Customer Service

Customer service is the pinnacle piece to a strong and prosperous brand. Your clients want service that is swift, consistent, polite and thorough. Here are some ways you can quickly and easily boost the service you provide:

  • Communication. One study found that 44% of consumers hadn’t had contact with their agents in the past 18 months; another found that 81% of clients left due to lack of communication. Communicating with your clients on a regular basis about policy changes, renewal deadlines, and Open Enrollment will make a huge difference in the loyalty your clients feel towards you.
  • Automation. Customer service can be overwhelming, but implementing an Agency Management System (AMS) with an integrated feature like built-in automated workflows helps you stay on top of all your follow-ups and client communication—even when they slip your mind.
  • Mobility. Your customer satisfaction can increase by up to 74% just with faster response times to requests and inquiries. Working remotely is common in the insurance world; and a cloud-based AMS will allow you to securely access all of your client’s information from any location so you can always provide the optimal level of service.

Giving Personalized and Valuable Advice

The majority of your clients have no idea what they want; what matters most to them is that in a health or financial crisis  they, and their loved ones, will be covered. Your clients are looking to you to help them maintain their status quo and are trusting you to do right by them, so the advice you give them is crucial. Here are some ways to give better advice to your clients:

  • Take Your Time. 52% of insurance customers describe themselves as “relationship buyers,” so make it a point to spend time getting to know your clients. Then put those notes directly into your AMS, so all of your information is always in one place!
  • Social Media. Connect with your clients and prospects on social media and follow the changes in their life. If they make a pregnancy announcement or post about their engagement, you’ll be able to give them advice on what plan you think would suit them best in their next stage of life. (Plus you could send them a handwritten congratulations and say let’s discuss your changing coverage soon—that will definitely impress them!) If you’re not sure about social media or where to start, check out our free ebook: Social Media for the Insurance Agent.

Although timely and consistent communication is important, it won’t mean a thing to your clients if it’s not personalized or provide them with value. That’s why it’s so important to get to know your clients and keep the details of your relationship organized & at your fingertips in an agency management system.

A Brief Guide to Successful Relationships With the Modern Insurance Consumer

Learn more about who your clients are so you can better serve their needs.

Consistent and meaningful communication is important to the modern insurance consumer. This guide will help you navigate the various online and offline channels of communication that your agency can leverage to help boost your client's experience, and ultimately, your retention rate.

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Allison Babberl

By Allison Babberl on April 18, 2017 in Customer Experience

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