How to Give Your Clients a Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Use Email to Give Clients a Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Clients want to feel like you remember them.

What’s your reaction when you get an email from your car dealer or dentist on your birthday or anniversary? Ugh, another auto-email? Or that was nice, with a little bit of that warm fuzzy feeling? Mine is typically the latter.

I bought my car 3 years ago, but still get my monthly email from my car dealer, a happy birthday and happy anniversary message. And to be honest, our wedding was a year after I bought my car, so he found the date on his own and added it to his database.

None of the emails he sends out are sales pitches. Yes they are branded, but not blatantly asking me to come in and buy another car. They’re something to read, maybe educational or inspiring.

This is the type of email a client or customer is generally okay with. They want to feel like you remember them personally and care enough to reach out without selling to them.

The monthly email I get from my car dealer is called the ‘Thought of the Month’. Each month it comes with a quote, image or small write-up on a topic. It’s simple, but some of them really hit home and make me think.

monthly email example

They also send date ‘triggered’ emails. These emails are automated ones that are sent during specific set events: birthdays, anniversaries, etc. These are handy for businesses because, without much effort on your part, it still shows your client you care about their life events—just like the dentist who sent me postcards when I was a kid.

Like I said earlier, the birthday and anniversary notes give the warm fuzzy feeling. Especially when I receive one of those notes before my dad remembers it’s my birthday or anniversary. Now, when I got the anniversary message last year, my husband’s response was “Wow, he’s really on top of that, how’d he know?” Don’t you want to make your clients feel that way too? Schedule those automated email sends!

anniversary email example

What is the result of staying connected?

Automated email schedules make it easy for you to maintain positive communication with your clients, while also keeping you top-of-mind for them. And being on the minds of your clients is a good thing. I know for my next car search I will definitely check in with Jeff to see if he as any options for me before looking elsewhere.

It’s simple, it’s scheduled, and it makes a big impact on your clients. So why not do it?

Sara O'Brien

By Sara O'Brien on May 31, 2016 in Customer Experience

Sara is the Marketing Campaign Specialist at AgencyBloc. She plans and creates marketing campaigns to provide relevant and timely education and product information to our BlocTalk community. Favorite quote: "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined." -Henry David Throreau More articles


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