[Book] A Brief Guide to Successful Relationships With the Modern Insurance Consumer

Simple steps for managing your communication to maximize growth.

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A collaborative project between

AgencyBloc  &  Rocket Referrals


We wrote a book.

AgencyBloc and Rocket Referrals are in the business of helping insurance agents and agencies manage their operations. We wrote this book because we believe in the importance of meaningful communication between insurance agents and their clients and prospects. But, we also understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate the world of today's technology and 24/7 connectedness. So, use this book as a guide to navigate the various online and offline channels of communication that your agency can leverage.

What's in the book?

  • The referral and retention mindset.
  • Online and offline communication tactics to better reach prospects.
  • Online and offline communication outlets to maintain communication with clients.
  • Tips and actionable items for prospecting and client communications.
  • Technology to make all of this happen.

How can you get the book?

The book will be available in two formats:

  • eBook version for purchase on Amazon.com
  • [FREE] chapter-by-chapter e-mail education series (+ bonus content only available to series subscribers!) Sign up here.

We strongly believe that marketing should be about creating content that is aimed at helping solve problems, not about constantly
pushing our products. We have a strong desire to introduce ideas and products to agents/agencies with the intention of making their lives easier.

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AgencyBloc helps life and health insurance agencies grow their business by organizing and automating their operations using a combination of an industry-specific CRM, commissions processing, and integrated marketing automation.

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