Your Clients Don't Know What They Don't Know: How to Help

Your Clients Don't Know What They Don't Know: How to Help

What Information Do Your Clients Want?

I was recently asked what I wanted to learn in an area I wanted to develop new skills in. I’m pretty sure I had a blank look on my face and a slight panic go through my head as I answered ‘I don’t know’, because honestly I didn’t know. I don’t have the skill yet, so I don’t know what knowledge I should be picking up.

This is true of your clients, too, when it comes to insurance coverage: They don’t know, what they don’t know.

You’ve concluded your first meeting with them and ask if they have any questions. They look at you trying to comprehend all the information you just went over, remember just pieces of it, and respond, ‘nope, not now’. Truth is, they don’t know.

I hate having lack of knowledge, it makes me feel insecure and unable to feel confident about my decisions. I’m second guessing myself even after I have finally decided upon something. I will do research on my own, but having a source that I can go to quickly for answers helps me feel more confident in my decision making.

This is exactly why I really like my dog’s vet; random, I know, but she will answer all my questions plus provide me with knowledge or advice I didn’t realize I was missing. It makes me confident in the care she is providing for my dog and her knowledge and skills. She also remembers my family and asks about them and if my dog is interacting well with the new baby. She’s providing me with information I didn’t know that I wanted to know, but it will help me provide better care for my dog. All while she is also connecting to my family on a personal and relational level. Great service!

So, how can you provide the knowledge to your clients on what they don’t know, even if they don’t ask?

Let them know the benefits outside the deductible, out-of-pocket and typical list.

For example, here are ones I learned by digging through my health insurance portal, but a lot of time and energy could be saved if it had been provided to me by an agent, who in result would have gained a lot of credibility in my book.

  • Discounts on gym memberships
    • You mean, I could be saving money? Sign me up. I actually learned this from a friend in my workout class and wanted to know more. I mean, I have been paying for the gym for 2 years! How much could I have saved?
  • Telehealth services
    • Great service! As a new mom I have used 3:00am. Being able to make a quick call or jump in an online chat to ask questions about coverage or talk to a nurse can alleviate a lot of stress or trip to the doctor that might be unnecessary.
  • Weight loss/nutrition counseling
    • Great asset to have, and there are so many programs out there—but they have often have added costs. This is one through insurance that is a benefit for both the insurance company and the client.
  • Substance abuse assistance/rehab
    • Again, another great asset to the client and can be crucial when the need arises.
  • FSA for dependent care
    • I vaguely remember my parents having this when I was growing up, so I started asking questions and digging into my coverage to see availability until I found it. And the new mom in me loved that I could save money using it.
  • Hearing aids
    • This is a possible need at any age. Again, your clients will never know to ask about this until it directly affects them.
  • Breast pump coverage
    • I dug around the portal to find the number to call the carrier and get mine ordered. This is huge for your soon-to-be parents clients!

All of these are great assets to your health plans, and may vary in how they are handled by each carrier, so having a cheat sheet for your clients on the more ‘hidden’ benefits for each carrier would be helpful information.

Get them the information they may not know they need, before they need it. And watch your clients’ happiness grow.

Here’s How

Like I said, asking what your clients want to know probably won’t work, because they don’t know what they don’t know. But, you also don’t want to hand them a huge handbook that’s hard to navigate.

There are a couple things you can do. You could take a look at the perks of your different plans that past clients have used a lot, and make sure those are on a sheet to share with new clients or prospects.

You could also survey current clients and ask them what they’d tell other prospects or clients about the plans they have: dislikes and likes! This would be extremely valuable to share with your new clients.

How can you deliver this information? We know agents are extremely busy, so wherever you can automate messaging like this is best. You could set up an automated email chain that goes out to new clients of a specific coverage with related content. Or, you could do an email newsletter each week or month for your current clients, but mind you: this is much less personalized. The more you can personalize, the better.

You can do both automated emails and mass email communication within AgencyBloc with little resources from you—just setup! Many agencies are now adopting agency management systems with features like this so they don’t have to manage as many separate technologies.

Another option to deliver the content is to create handouts, like I mentioned earlier. However, I suggest splitting them up into separate handouts that are easier to digest vs. a giant handbook. The perks of specific handouts and/or emails is that you can send each individual client something they’ll actually care about and will appreciate your effort to personalize.

Get Started

As an agent, you’re an educator. And sometimes, your clients don’t even know what they want to know. So, your efforts to spread your knowledge will be much appreciated.

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Automation for Life & Health Insurance Agencies: Using automated workflow to create efficiency & con

Automation for Life & Health Insurance Agencies: Using automated workflow to create efficiency & consistency

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Sara O'Brien

By Sara O'Brien on September 7, 2017 in Customer Experience

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