Email Marketing: Uses for Automated Email Campaigns

Automated Email Campaigns

Automated Email Campaigns

Automated email campaigns are an easy way to stay in contact with your clients and agents without a lot of time or resources on your part.  An automated email campaign is intended to send communication to your intended recipients when a specific "trigger" is met.

What is a "trigger"?  

Triggers can be several things.  The most common ones are dates:  Birthdates, policy renewal dates, license expiration dates.  Another type of trigger that most people overlook are situational triggers, such as when an individual goes from a prospect to a client or when a policy goes from enrollment to issued.  Imagine being able to go in to AgencyBloc and change an Individual Status from Prospect to Client and having the system automatically send a "Thank You for Your Business" email to that client. Easy!

What are some examples of automated email campaigns?

  • Birthdays. Send a Happy Birthday email to your clients and/or agents on their birthday.  It may seem like a simple gesture, but sometimes these simple gestures are what keep your clients loyal to your agency.  
  • Clients turning 65. This works on the same theory of the birthday emails, but this is a little more specific as it only sends to clients that will be turning 65.  You can send an email out a month or so ahead of their 65th birthday to tell them of the services you offer for Medicare eligible individuals.  
  • License Renewal dates. Do you have a lot of agents to keep track of?  How nice would it be to automatically send them reminders 90, 60, and then 30 days from their license renewal date?  This can be done with an automated email campaign.  You have the ability to set up the campaign to send "drip" emails.  90 days (or 3 months) from the trigger date it sends Email 1, then 60 days (2 months) from the trigger date it sends email 2, and then Email 3 is sent out at 30 days (1 month).  And all you have to do is set up what you want those emails to say, set your triggers and activate the campaign.  
  • New prospect or client. When a new individual record is created and a status is entered, that can be enough to send out a "Welcome" email.  This also works if you are using our lead forms feature to bring in prospect information from your website.
  • New policy or updated policy status. This works on the same premise as a new prospect or client.  When a status is changed to what you've set up in the campaign, it will send out the defined email.
  • Policy Renewal Date. Do you have a term life insurance policy that expires after 5-10-15 years? Just set the renewal date when the policy is written, and the system will send a reminder email when the client's term policy is coming to an end.  

We've been extremely excited to show our clients the new feature they can now get their hands on.  If you're not a client and want to see how this works for yourself, start a free trial!

Check out our help section for details on how to set up your automated email campaigns, or give us a call.

Tasha Fitzgerald

By Tasha Fitzgerald on January 22, 2015 in Email Marketing

Tasha is a Client Success Specialist at AgencyBloc. Her job is to help our clients navigate implementation and successfully automate their business processes to improve their business overall. Favorite quote: "1. Don't Sweat the small stuff 2. It's all small stuff" -Robert Elliot More articles


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