Why Twitter Analytics Should Matter to Insurance Agents

Twitter Analytics for Insurance Agents

Twitter for Insurance Agents

Twitter is a great platform for insurance agents to start building their personal brand on. LinkedIn and Facebook are important, too. But, Twitter allows you to listen to conversations within the industry on a more personal level, I would argue. What I mean is that Twitter is where many individuals (that are part of larger organizations) share their own opinions outside of their company. It's a place where professionals share their personal story, so to speak. 

So, I think having a Twitter account is an extremely important tool for agents to utilize because it allows them to reach individuals on a more personal level while also following trends within the industry. 

Twitter Analytics

Once you've had an account for awhile and have been conversing and (hopefully) sharing your own content, gaining insight into how that's going for you is important. It's just like any other marketing tactic; you want to be able to measure the results and make changes based on those results.

How do I get to Twitter Analytics?

Twitter Analytics can be found by clicking your logo in the upper right-hand side of your screen and selecting "Analytics":

AgencyBloc Twitter Analytics

This dashboard shows you everything from your top tweet to how many people visited your Twitter page. You'll see the word "impressions" a lot. Twitter defines impressions as "times a user is served a Tweet in timeline or search results". This is another way of showing you how valuable it is when people retweet your content or how valuable it is to gain relevant followers. 

Twitter Audience Insights

Your Twitter Audience Insights can be found by clicking the "Followers" tab within Twitter Analytics:

Twitter Audience Insights

The first thing you'll see is the top interest of your followers. Followers of AgencyBloc are most interested in technology, which is great for us! Think about who your clients are, and if their top interest isn't what you can provide, you may want to rethink the kind of content you're tweeting or retweeting. 

You'll also see the geographic location of where your followers are from. Since we're a software company, we have followers from all over. But if your agency is targeting a specific region, these insights will show you whether you're reaching that area or not. What can you do if you're not? I would start by using Twitter's Advanced Search tool. It allows you to search for keywords near you. Use the "Any of these words" field to see a wider range of search results. Use the "All of these words" field or "This exact phrase" field to get more specific results:

Twitter Advanced Search

Lower on the page, you'll select what geographic location you'd like to search within. 

What can you take from this insight?

I don't think you can take a lot from one look at your analytics. You'll want to consistently keep an eye on your analytics and your follower insights. It's a great tool to get a handle on how well your content resonates with your followers, and it allows you to experiment a little bit. There's no harm in writing a blog post that doesn't get much traction. But it is harmful to never know how well your content is doing because if you aren't aware, you won't change it.

Want to learn more?

We are passionate about helping agents navigate the countless communication channels to have the best relationships they can with the modern insurance consumer, so we co-authored a book with Rocket Referrals about just that. Check it out to learn more about Twitter for your agency and much, much more:

Twitter for Insurance Agents

Kelsey Rosauer

By Kelsey Rosauer on June 26, 2015 in Online Marketing

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