Are You Passionate About What You Sell?

Passionate about what you sell

How Empathetic Are You When Selling?

We hear about tragedies every day on the news: natural disasters, sudden deaths, incurable illnesses. And our first thought is to feel sadness for the families of those affected. But what we probably don't often think of first is whether they were covered by insurance. But, Kim Magdalein does.

In his article posted on, Kim talks about how he's become passionate about what he sells. He says it requires agents to dive into the community around them and experience first-hand the tragedies their clients face. This can be especially hard for new agents because, hopefully, they haven't seen many hardships of their clients yet. But, seeing their hardships helps you grow a passion for what you sell.

For example, Kim says:

"If you haven't sold enough policies to deliver a check, you haven't felt the immense satisfaction for what you can do for people. I remember a term policy I sold a young business owner years ago. Something as simple as a waiver of premium can make a huge difference. The policy owner fell ill with some kind of bug that didn't quite kill him, but took him away from work and his business for an entire year. His premium waiver saved the policy. He didn't even remember the feature. When he called to ask what he could do, I was able to assure him that his policy would remain in force. It was evident to me that he was very relieved."

It's experiences like these that have helped Kim become a better agent for both his clients and prospects because he's seen the direct effects of having coverage. 

He also speaks on a personal hardship of losing a daughter and, thus, the importance of life insurance for children. Kim isn't saying that in order to be a good agent, you must have personal hardships or have seen them first-hand. He is simply saying that you must learn why you're passionate about selling insurance. If you find you aren't, maybe you aren't in the right profession.

Here's what Kim says that I think applies to some new agents who are still a little nervous about their first meetings:

"Maybe that's the impression we need, to be passionate about what we sell. Part of the reason we don't ask people to meet with us is a lack of passion for what we do. If we were more driven by a passion for helping people, instead of being intimidated by an introduction, we would be motivated by our drive to solve a prospect's problems."

I think what Kim is trying to get across is that agents should think of it less as selling and more as helping & providing comfort. Insurance products, especially life & health, are personal. They protect us from situations that are inevitably extremely emotional. So, take Kim's advice and discover why you're passionate about selling insurance. Without passion for it, you're not truly helping anyone.

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By Kelsey Rosauer on September 1, 2015 in Selling

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