3 Ways Insurance Agencies Benefit From Agency Management Systems

3 Ways Insurance Agencies Benefit From Agency Management Systems

If you asked an insurance agency owner or agent why they use an agency management system (AMS), you might hear: to centralize my information, to be more efficient with client communication, to gain more clients, to switch from paper files to computer files, to process commissions faster. The list could go on and on. But, we’ve found that the reasons insurance agencies use this technology (and how they benefit from it) fall into three overarching categories.

Why do insurance agencies use agency management systems?

Insurance agencies use an AMS to organize, automate & grow their agency. Each agency has its own specific needs within an AMS, but we’ve found that those needs tend to fit into these categories. Let’s take a look.


Insurance agencies are likely using one of four ways to organize their data: paper files, Excel spreadsheets, a generic CRM, or an industry-specific agency management system. If you’re in the market for a new system, you’re probably hoping for a better way to organize your data so that it’s easier to maintain as you grow. Organization of your data is also important when you have a team of people accessing the data for different reasons: agents for client and prospect information, agency owners for agent information, administrative personnel for commissions data, and customer service reps for client and policy data. One study showed that the average person wastes 4.3 hours a week searching for papers. If you’re still using paper files or Excel spreadsheets, neither of which have a great way for searching for specific information, this statistic might not surprise you—this might be the exact reason you’re searching for a new way to organize your data!

“While most (88%) have some kind of system to keep themselves organized, close to three in ten (28%) of these Americans are unhappy with their current set-up and would like to improve.”
National Association of Professional Organizers


Insurance agents and agency owners are incredibly busy people, so they’re always searching for ways to save a few minutes here or there. Good agents maintain consistent communication with clients and prospects, and the best agents have figured out how to automate some of this. With automated email campaigns built within an AMS, agents can communicate with clients and prospects on recurring communications like application status and renewal reminders, for example, without any extra effort on their part (beyond the initial setup). These kinds of campaigns are based on “triggers”. 

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“Over 75% of email revenue is generated by triggered campaigns, rather than one-size-fits-all campaigns.”
Direct Marketing Association

Agents are also constantly thinking of how to automate the lead-capture process. An AMS allows agents to set up lead forms and embed them on their website. From there, the form will capture leads and funnel them directly into their AMS. 


Productive agency owners and agents are constantly addressing the history of their growth and trying to identify ways to continue growing their client base. In order to analyze growth efficiently—without gathering a bunch papers or spreadsheets every quarter and manually manipulating the data—you need an AMS with real-time analytics and reporting tools. Agencies look at data like:

They look at this data to get a better understanding of where their agency has been profitable and where they could improve. They can also get a quick glance at how productive the agency is and where efficiencies could be made. Overall, continual analyzation of agency data is vital for being proactive and continually improving agency performance.

How do I find an AMS that’s right for my agency?

Choosing an AMS that’s a good fit for your insurance agency can be quite the process. You have to consider your agency’s goals, your needs (and wants), your budget and how the change will affect the entire team and how to best manage that change. It’s a lot to think about, so we wrote a guide what we hope will be helpful for you. Check out the 5 Steps to Choosing an Agency Management System:

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