[eBook] Switching from Excel Spreadsheets to an Industry-Specific Agency Management System: How and Why

Over 25% of agencies are still using Excel spreadsheets or paper files to manage their book of business. In this eBook, we discuss why agencies are making the switch to industry-specific software and how your agency can do the same.

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Making the Switch from Spreadsheets to an Agency Management System

Forty-six percent of insurance agencies are currently using an insurance-specific agency management system (AMS) to manage their book-of-business, and 44% felt a significant increase in productivity when switching. But, 1/4 of the industry is still using Excel spreadsheets or paper files.

In this eBook, we discuss:

The history and uses of Excel spreadsheets
The issues with using spreadsheets in your agency
Why insurance agencies are switching from spreadsheets to software
What the migration process looks like from spreadsheets to software
What questions to ask your software provider when making the switch

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