[Infographic] Preparing Your Data for Disaster Recovery

Preparing Your Data for Disaster Recovery

Is Your Book-of-Business Disaster Prepared?

A recent survey found that only 6% of people back-up their computer daily. To make matters worse, another study found that over 96% of workstations are not backed up at all. By not backing up, your allowing your data to be vulnerable to theft, disaster, and loss, and you’re putting your client’s sensitive information at risk. Check out the following infographic to learn the leading causes of data loss, why you can do to prevent this loss, and why this is important.

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Preparing Your Data for Disaster Recovery

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If you're still managing your client's information via paper files or Excel, then you could be at risk to lose everything should a disaster strike. Buying into a secure, backed-up Agency Management System (AMS) like AgencyBloc could be the answer you're looking for in order to protect your client's and your business.

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See how AgencyBloc can help keep your data protected should a disaster strike.

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By Allison Babberl on February 15, 2017 in Database Management

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