How to Boost Productivity by Automating Your Open Enrollment Period

Manual vs Automated Open Enrollment Period

Open Enrollment: Manual vs. Automated

We know you’re extremely busy, and often overwhelmed, during Open Enrollment (OE) and the weeks leading up to it. Utilizing Automated Workflow makes your OE period run smoother, allowing your agency to be more efficient by automating your manual, time-consuming tasks. Today we’ll discuss three challenges you face during OE, the manual way many agencies are trying to manage those challenges, and how Automated Workflow helps you overcome them.

Open Enrollment Challenge: Emailing Your Clients

Email is a great way to stay in contact with your clients during OE to send them different reminders.

Manual: Does your system have email marketing capabilities? If not, to stay in touch with your many clients, you’ll have to email them all individually or import their contact information from your management system into an email marketing system like MailChimp or Constant Contact. This will force you to maintain two different databases that you’ll have to update separately when you gain or lose a client.

Automated: When email marketing and automated workflow are built directly into your management system, all of your information is in one centralized location. Any time you update your client-base, your email list will automatically update as it pulls directly from your book-of-business. 

Automated emails for your clients

Automated Workflow in AgencyBloc

Open Enrollment Challenge: Assigning Tasks & To-Do’s

OE is a crazy time, and you need to make sure everything is getting accomplished. One way to achieve this is by assigning tasks to various agents, then tracking those tasks to ensure they are being completed by the assignee. 

Manual: Assigning tasks to your agents when your system doesn’t have or doesn’t support an integrated calendar forces you to assign your agent tasks by other means. These can include sticky notes on their desks, appointments on their email calendar (like Outlook or Gmail), through text message/voicemail, or by verbally expressing it to them. Not only is this inefficient, but you can never fully know if the task was completed or if the agent completely forgot. On top of that, you might get overwhelmed or busy and forget to assign certain tasks to different people. That’s when opportunities can fall through the cracks and you could lose your clients and prospects

Automated: Automated Workflow allows you to assign tasks directly to your agents. You can track the tasks you’ve assigned to see where they are in the completion process and who needs reminders. You can also assign more efficiently by selecting a “trigger” that, once the criteria has been met, will automatically assign tasks to your agents based on your book of business' data. This way you can focus on other more critical tasks in your day instead of assigning tasks.

Assign Tasks to Your Agents

Automated Workflow in AgencyBloc

Open Enrollment Challenge: Follow-Ups

One of the hardest things for insurance agents can be to stay in contact with their clients when they have a lot on their plate. Open Enrollment is busy, but it’s one of the times during the year that you need to make sure you are connecting and communicating with your clients.

Manual: Follow-ups in a system without automated workflow can be tedious. Say you want to email your clients once a week for six weeks about OE starting and how they need to update their policies. You’ll want to be proactive and set these emails up beforehand. That’s easy to do in any system. But, say your client, Jon Snow, updates their policy in week 3, how will you stop all the subsequent emails about updating their policy from going to him? If he continues to receive those emails saying he needs to “update his policy” it could upset him because it shows that he’s just one in a crowd to you and not an individual. This could potentially lead to you losing that client, which no one wants. 

Automated: Automated Workflow allows you to have your email marketing platform directly in your management system, and it works based-off of the information you have in your book. So if you set up the same email campaign we discussed above, the emails will be sent based-off the policy expiration date you have tied to that client. So, if Jon Snow updates in week 3, the emails will cease to send because the policy expiration date will change and he won’t qualify for the policy update reminder emails any longer. This will help make Jon happier because he won’t receive emails that don’t concern him and he’ll be more likely stay with you since you’ve served him so well. 

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