How to Boost Productivity by Automating Your Open Enrollment Period

Manual vs Automated Open Enrollment Period

Manual Open Enrollment vs. Automated Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment period (OEP) and the time leading up to it are some of the busiest times for agents. Between certifying, continuing education, OEP preparation, and the actual OEP season, you are completely swamped. 

In this blog, I’ll briefly discuss how you can use automation to make your OEP processes more efficient, thus saving time and resources for your agency. Specifically, I’ll be speaking to using Automated Workflows in AgencyBloc.

Open Enrollment Challenge: Connecting With Clients

Just as it’s important to set up a communication-heavy lead nurturing initiative for new and incoming leads, it’s essential to maintain regular and consistent communication with clients. In fact, the #1 reason clients leave is due to a lack of regular and meaningful communication. 

Email is a great way to maintain consistent communication with your clients.

Manual: Staying in touch via email without automation means you have to:

  • First, remember to write the email message(s)
  • Second, create the campaign if there will be multiple sends
  • Third, determine and isolate recipients to segment your audience correctly and not cause confusion by sending the wrong message to the wrong person
  • Lastly, remember to get all the communications of the campaign out on time when you’re already busy

Basically, it becomes an entirely separate job that you have to manage on top of everything else you already have going on.

Automated: Using automation makes maintaining communication with clients much easier. Set up the Automated Workflow once in AgencyBloc, and the message will be triggered to launch on time, automatically. Pick the criteria to meet and write the message, then AgencyBloc will do the rest. Streamline communications like happy birthday emails, anniversary celebrations, policy renewals, and more.

Besides time savings, the biggest benefit is that it’ll run based on your current book of business, so there’s no need to update information in two databases.

Patrick O.

"I value AgencyBloc a lot. The automated drip campaigns especially are my favorite. I've been able to save 50 hours every Open Enrollment period just in client communications."
—Patrick O., Integrity Insurance

Open Enrollment Challenge: Assigning & Ensuring Completion of Tasks

Task assignment and management are crucial during busy times of the year—like OEP. However, without an easy way to go about assigning, receiving, and completing tasks, this can quickly become more of a burden than a benefit.

Manual: If your current system doesn’t support task assignment capabilities, you’ll be forced to do so via other means. This includes:

  • Sending an email to the person
  • Leaving a sticky note on their desk
  • Creating an appointment on their email calendar
  • Sending them a text
  • Leaving them a voicemail
  • Verbally telling them

Not only are all of these inefficient, but you may never truly know if the task was completed. On top of that, you may get busy and forget to assign the task altogether. That’s when opportunities start to fall between the cracks.

Automated: Automated Workflows assign tasks immediately to your agents to ensure nothing is missed. These tasks show up on the agent’s Activity Dashboard/Calendar, so they have a full list of assignments and responsibilities each day. 

Additionally, each task can be assigned with a priority level, notes, and more to help the agent accomplish the task and know their next steps. To ensure completion and track employee productivity, run a report in Custom Reports to see what all is being assigned and completed by your team.

Tara W.

"We have found AgencyBloc invaluable to the organization of our client data. We use reports to help us set goals and track progress, email marketing to reach out to clients on a regular basis, automated workflow to make sure we do not miss important tasks, and notes and activities to assign future tasks!"
—Tara W., Westhouse Insurance Agency, LLC

Open Enrollment Challenge: Managing Incoming Leads & Following Up

A big challenge for insurance agents is both noticing when new leads come in and remembering to follow up quickly. When you’re busy selling new clients, updating renewals, and already working 60+ hours a week, lead management and nurturing may fall to the back burner.

Manual: Without automation, new leads may fall to the wayside. Speed-to-contact is crucial in lead nurturing, and if you wait too long, your odds of conversion fall drastically. When lead management and nurturing are manual, you have to hope you notice the new lead in time to follow up and win the deal.

Automated: Be notified instantly when a new lead comes in from your lead forms or lead vendors. Combining AgencyBloc’s Automated Workflows with Lead Forms allows you to notify agents immediately of new leads to give them the edge to follow up sooner. How it works:

  1. Create a Lead Form in AgencyBloc & embed it on your website
  2. The new lead fills out the form at their peak-level of interest
  3. A task and/or email notification is sent to the agent assigned to reach out immediately
  4. They reach out, they catch the lead when the lead’s hottest, and they convert

Jen K.

"Our office moved to AgencyBloc 3 years ago, and we haven’t looked back. We've connected the workflows to AgencyBloc's Lead Forms to automatically create a record and notify our team of the new lead. All in all, AgencyBloc has made our great office, even better. "
—Jen K., Universal Insurance Advisors, Inc.

When it comes to Open Enrollment, the more efficiencies you can put into place, the smoother your processes can run, and the more streamlined your initiatives can be. Think of all the ways you can make your OEP more efficient, more effective, and, ultimately, more profitable.

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This blog was originally posted on July 20, 2018 and republished on September 8, 2020.

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