[Webinar] Using Automated Workflow for an Efficient Insurance Agency

In this webinar, you'll see how Automated Workflow can help your agency be more efficient in its day-to-day operations.

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Automated Workflow for Insurance Agencies

This webinar will introduce a new way for insurance agencies to take on their day-to-day: Automated Workflow. Automation allows agencies to transition from manual processes that are inefficient to an automated system that keeps everyone on track and prevents important activities from falling through the cracks.

AgencyBloc Automated Workflow

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What is Automated Workflow and how will it benefit my agency?
How do you set up an Automated Workflow?
In what situations can my agency use Automated Workflow?
What technology do I need to use Automated Workflow?

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Tasha Fitzgerald, AgencyBloc

Tasha Fitzgerald is a Client Success Specialist at AgencyBloc. She will discuss what Automated Workflow is, introduce the feature within AgencyBloc, and share how insurance agencies are using it today. She will show you in what situations to use Automated Workflow and how to get your hands on the technology within AgencyBloc.