Agency management systems "In The Cloud"

Cloud computing, 100% web-based technology, or SaaS (software-as-a-service) are all terms referring to your ability to run a computer application over the Internet, without having to buy, install or manage your own servers. Thus, your time is focused on expanding customer-facing business opportunities, not IT issues or bottlenecks.

Advantages over the conventional software delivery approach

  • Low IT IQ. Applications, operating systems, servers and network switches are out of sight and mind, resting in the hands of your service vendor. No need to hire someone to install and manage the system. No need to tie up your office space with extra hardware.
  • Rapid deployment. Since there is no software to install, personnel can get started using the system immediately.
  • No capital outlay.  Because subscription fees are paid monthly, there is no upfront purchasing of software licenses. Nor is there a need to purchase back-up software or hardware to protect against loss of data.
  • Easy access-any time, any place. Your system is "always on" all you need is an Internet browser to access it. This makes supporting remote users and locations or mobile sales or services teams easy because you have access any time, day or night, anywhere around the globe 24x7.
  • Access to comprehensive security, back-up and disaster recovery. Many companies are simply unable to provide the level of security, availability and back-up provided by the service vendor. No more worrying about power surges, water damage or fires.
  • No updates or upgrades to install. Users are always on the current version because updates, upgrades and enhancements are made available automatically. You will not need to spend your evenings or weekends bringing down your system and crossing fingers that the upgrade did not fail.
  • No software support fees. Support is included with the subscription fee.
  • Any operating system. Use Mac, Windows, or Linux - it does not matter.
  • No commitment. If the solution or the service provider no longer meets your needs, you can cancel the service and switch to a different solution.
  • Vested vendor interests. Because there is no commitment, not only must service vendor keep an open ear to customer feedback, they must keep their system applicable to the market or they will not have a customer base for the long term.
  • Lower total cost of ownership. When comparing the costs of cloud computing and a conventional, premises-based software solution, people often fall into the trap of simply comparing the subscription fees of the former against the software license fees of the latter. The software fees are only a small portion of the total cost to implement, customize, secure, manage and support traditional software. A study by Gartner Inc., which looked at the total cost of ownership of enterprise applications, found that 80 percent of the cost of deploying and maintaining on-premise applications is not due to licensing, but to additional costs related to hardware and administration of the software.

You're in Control.

Best of all, cloud computing lets you focus on your business rather than on your software. You spend your time implementing growth strategies while leaving your cloud service vendor to focus on scalability, security, uptime, application maintenance and upgrades.

AgencyBloc is in the cloud; an agency management system solution designed specifically for health and life agencies from a one-person, retail agency to a full-blown wholesale shop and anywhere in between. AgencyBloc also includes an integrated commission module.

See AgencyBloc in action:

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Adam Lewis

By Adam Lewis on February 17, 2011 in Technology

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