Cool Tools, Gadgets, and Gizmos Webinar Recap

Last week, we hosted a webinar presented by Steve Anderson titled “Cool Tools, Gadgets, and Gizmos to Improve Productivity” where attendees were given tips on how to gain more hours in the work week without actually working longer. Steve shared multiple technologies and tips he’s found to improve productivity including email habits we should all adopt, a quick way to proofread our own writing and an app that conveniently connects you to conference calls from your mobile phone - just to name a few!

Steve Anderson is the leading authority on insurance agency technology, productivity and profits. If you missed it, view the recorded webinar, and read part of the Q&A session here:

Q: If we don't see Quick Parts on our menu bar in Outlook, where can we "turn it on" or add it to the tool bar?
A: Your Quick Parts may not appear due to an update. Try these steps to restore Quick Parts in Outlook.

Q: Where can you find the “Plantronics Savi 740”?
A: This device can be difficult to find on the actual Plantronics site, so Steve suggests finding it on Amazon.

Q: If you use 3 (or more) monitors, don't you need a special interface or card? Most computers will only handle 2 monitors.
A: Yes, you will need a video card. If it’s a desktop computer, you will need to replace the video card. There are many multiple-port video cards that will allow you to connect multiple monitors to that. If you are using a laptop, then you may need a different adapter. Try searching Amazon for laptop dual-monitor adapters.

Q: Do you use a texting service from desktop to client's mobile phones? If so do you have a suggestion for a good vendor that can integrate with Outlook?
A: Outlook 2010 has a SMS Gateway feature in which you can set up email alerts for your phone and send and receive text messages through email. To set it up, Go to File, Account Settings. Click the Set Up Text Messaging Service in Options.

Q: Is the Plantronics device needed if the mobile phone is the only phone I use? 
A: No. Steve suggests a Bluetooth headset for your mobile phone, like Jawbone.

Q: Evernote vs OneNote? 
A: Steve says: “I used to use OneNote until I discovered Evernote. At the time, OneNote just wasn’t quite capable. I do know OneNote has been updated quite a bit, so I will be looking into OneNote and doing a comparison with Evernote. But, I think OneNote could be a good solution because it is Microsoft based and works with Microsoft apps. One of the things I like about Evernote is the Multiple Access, and I’m not quite sure OneNote has that full capability yet.”

Q: What app are you using for the text marking?
A: Steve says: “The service I use is It integrates with my marketing platform, so a lot of that responds back and forth.”

View the full webinar to see all of Steve's cool tools, gadgets, and gizmos!

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Kelsey Rosauer

By Kelsey Rosauer on May 27, 2014 in Technology

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