[Downloadable] 8 Reports Life & Health Agencies Should Run Each Month

Keeping a pulse on your agency's performance is key to productivity and longevity. Use these reports to gain a deeper understanding of your agency's performance, where's it's thriving, places you need to improve, and what it all means for the future.

Staying in Touch With Your Agency

Reporting is crucial to understanding the health and well-being of your insurance agency. However, it's hard to know which reports are the most important to run and what you're really trying to achieve with each report.

To help you overcome this, we've created the outlines for 8 different reports your agency should consider running monthly, quarterly, and yearly. They'll give you insight into different realms of your agency. 

Using these reports and keeping a pulse on your agency will prove beneficial by allowing you to make more informed business decisions that'll greatly affect your agency's day-to-day. Regardless if you're a one-man operation or a large GA/MGA/IMO/FMO, these reports will help you run smoother meetings, pull insight from your current business' standings, and assist in future decisions.

What You'll Get:

You'll get a PDF of 8 report outlines. These are the basic reports to help you get started and on the path to regularly pulling reports. Additionally, you'll receive "Next Level Report" ideas on ways to expand when you're ready and reporting areas you can look at next. They include more granular reports that help you delve further into your data. 

Download the Report Outlines: