[eBook] Your Compass To Agency Success: Making informed decisions with real-time analytics & custom reporting

When tasked with making decisions that affect the direction of your business, how do you ensure your decisions are well-informed? With real-time analytics and custom reporting, life and health agencies are able to assess where they've been and where they're headed with confidence.

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Are You Making Informed Decisions?

In this eBook, you’ll learn why making informed decisions is so important, as opposed to “guessing in the dark”. To make informed decisions, you need to be tracking the right data and using the right tools to gain insight from that data.

You’ll see why life and health agencies are turning to real-time analytics and custom reporting to better understand past performance in order to create goals and provide direction for their teams.

Finally, you’ll learn which metrics your agency should be tracking when it comes to agency growth, client satisfaction, product/carrier performance, and agent/staff performance.

In this eBook, you'll learn:

  1. How to make informed decisions for your team based on past performance
  2. What real-time analytics are and how can you use them at your agency
  3. In which scenarios custom reports make more sense than real-time analytics
  4. Which metrics to track regarding agency growth, client satisfaction, product/carrier performance, and agent/staff performance

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