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Your insurance agency provides hundreds or maybe even thousands of people the peace of mind that they are protecting their family's financial future. Do you have that same peace of mind about your agency? Is your book of business stored in a secure, accessible, organized, and useful system that puts you in control? Let's take a look at 5 ways an agency management system can provide you the same peace of mind that you're providing to your clients everyday.

Everything in one secure location

A well organized and easy-to-use agency management system provides a central hub for all of your client information. Implementing a system that has the ability to store all of your files will put you at ease knowing that every file is available when needed. Using a web-based system will allow every member of your agency to have access to the same files 24/7 no matter where they are at. You should be able to store files such as applications, notes, benefits summaries, and even emails in a single location that's easy to find. With AgencyBloc, rest assured that even in the event of a disaster your book-of-business is backed up (in the cloud) to multiple hard drives in multiple locations constantly so you never have to worry about losing valuable documents. Save the files in your account and never worry about them again.

Efficient customer support and retention

When everyone in your agency has quick and easy access to client information there isn't the wasted time and effort of dealing with unorganized files or searching for files that have gone missing. The result is a more efficient operation, which in turn results in more satisfied clients. Satisfied clients come back to you and tell others about you. When others find out how good you are, they become clients as well. Client retention hinges on your customer support so make it easy for your support staff to provide the best support possible.

Organized workflow

Whether you have a small or large agency, having an organized workflow is a critical aspect of your business. An agency management system allows you to take notes, assign follow-ups, and mark completed tasks so that everyone in the organization can see what's being done as well as what's been done. When a systematic process is consistently used to complete tasks for both clients and prospects, it's imperative that everyone be on the same page. The activities function of AgencyBloc makes this easy. Teams can be setup to work on tasks together or they can be done individually. It's your office and it's your agency management system - customize your account to your needs.

Reporting, tracking, and gaining insights

The reporting functions of an agency management system can give you valuable insights into things such as profitability, new business growth, lead source effectiveness, retention, etc. Tracking this data will give you the ability to see key metrics that you can use to evaluate your business. Learn where to spend marketing dollars, which markets to target, and who your most and least profitable clients are, for example. Consistently analyzing these metrics will keep you on the right path to achieving your growth and profitability goals. Reports such as AgencyBloc's annualized premium report and missed commission report can reveal insights that you may have never been aware of before.

Automated commission processing

Eliminate the need to manually re-key and calculate your commissions each time you receive them. This is one of the biggest struggles for many agencies, but it doesn't have to be with an agency management system in place that has full commission tracking ability. Manually figuring commissions leaves a lot of room for errors and misses. Missed and incorrect commission calculations can cost you, especially if you're a smaller agency. AgencyBloc's commission module gives you the ability to import carrier commission statements directly to your account and then automatically allocates the commission dollars to the appropriate agents. No more calculating - it's done for you.

Simplify your operations and make your book of business secure, accessible, organized, and useful by selecting the right agency management system for your agency. Every system offers different functions and abilities, so decide what your office needs before beginning your search. A great place to start your search is right here: 5 Tips for Selecting an Agency Management System.

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Mike Ivory

By Mike Ivory on November 9, 2012 in Technology

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