[White Paper] Benefits of the Cloud: How to work from anywhere for less

Learn how a cloud-based, industry-specific agency management system (AMS) like AgencyBloc can help your agency save time and money, enable collaboration, and allow you to work from anywhere.

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Many CIOs, CEOs, CFOs, and CTOs believe cloud-based products are the way to go.

15% of insurance companies are using a SaaS (Software as a Service) product for mobility and ease. Cloud-based SaaS products are paving the way for the future and their benefits are making it hard to say no. For the healthcare insurance industry alone, analysts predict the cloud computing market will grow up 21.24% in the next three years while the SaaS market continues to grow by 20.2% every single year.

Analysts, techs and agents alike are moving their businesses over to cloud-based products for security, flexibility, simplicity, ease, and cost/time savings.

In this white paper, you'll learn:

  • How you can achieve consistency and collaboration with a cloud-based SaaS product like AgencyBloc
  • Why 50% of IT professionals move their company to the cloud
  • What 40% of small and 35% of mid-sized business use the cloud for
  • How cloud-based products can help with accessibility, flexibility and security
  • How much companies save annually with the cloud

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Lynn S.

I recommend AgencyBloc to anybody who's running an agency and trying to keep track of agents, policyholders, and carriers. With AgencyBloc, you've got it all in one single place on the web, accessible 24 hours a day with backup. It's always been on for us. We've never skipped a beat.
—Lynn S., KHI Solutions

Pam S.

Having a cloud-based system allows us to update our client’s accounts in real time and we can now access it ANYWHERE!  This gives some of the employees an opportunity to work from home and that gives everyone more flexibility with their time and cuts down on their commute time. This makes everyone happy!
—Melany P., The Integrity Group