[Webinar] Insurance Agency Technology in 2017: Database management, commissions processing, and digital marketing

In this webinar, you'll learn what insurance agencies are planning to change and continue in the new year when it comes to database management, commissions processing, and digital marketing.

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Insurance Agency Technology

Insurance agency technology has been changing drastically over the last few years. We sent out a survey to find out what agents and agency owners are planning to do in 2017 when it comes to database management, commissions processing, and digital marketing, and we've compiled the findings into this webinar.

Watch the webinar to learn:

What have insurance agencies had luck with in 2016?
What do they plan to do differently in 2017?
What are agencies using to manage their book-of-business, process commissions, and market their agency?
What tools can your agency start using now to prepare for the new year?

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Sara O'Brien, AgencyBloc

Sara O'Brien is the Marketing Campaign Specialist at AgencyBloc. She'll share her marketing expertise in this webinar to help agencies identify what they can do in 2017 to better communicate with clients and enhance their prospecting efforts.

Mike Ivory, AgencyBloc

Mike Ivory is the Marketing Operations Specialist at AgencyBloc. He will share his knowledge in data management and systems to help agencies understand what they can do in 2017 to be more organized and productive (and sell more!).

Tasha Fitzgerald, AgencyBloc

Tasha Fitzgerald is a Client Success Specialist at AgencyBloc. With her expertise in helping agencies save time and money in processing commissions, she'll talk about streamlining commissions processing, identifying missed commissions, and viewing actual vs. projected commissions.