[Webinar] Insurance Agency Technology in 2018: Industry-specific software, commissions processing, and workflow automation

In this webinar, you'll learn what insurance agencies are planning to change and continue in the new year when it comes to database management, commissions processing, and digital marketing.

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Insurance Agency Technology

Insurance agency technology (also referred to as insurtech) has evolved greatly over the last several years, but not all agencies are taking advantage.

We sent out a survey to agency owners, agents, and other staff of small to large health and life insurance agencies to better understand their technology plans for 2018. We asked questions regarding database management, commissions processing, and digital marketing.

While some agencies are reaping the benefits of industry-specific tools like an AMS, others are still struggling with resource-draining tools like spreadsheets. And then there's some agencies in between looking to adopt new technology but are nervous about the switch. 

In this webinar, we highlight what agencies are currently using to run their operations, what new technologies they'd like to adopt, and, overall, how they plan to make the most of 2018.

Join us on the webinar to learn:

What technology successes were seen in 2017?
What are agencies planning to change technologically in 2018?
What are agencies using to manage their book of business, process commissions, and market their agency?
What tools can your agency start using now to best compete in the ever-changing industry?

Watch the Recording:


  • Kelsey Rosauer, AgencyBloc

    Kelsey Rosauer is the Marketing Brand Specialist at AgencyBloc. She will share her knowledge in insurance agency marketing tactics being used today, the benefits of different kinds of data management systems on the market, and data migration concerns.

  • Tasha Fitzgerald, AgencyBloc

    Tasha Fitzgerald is a Client Success Specialist at AgencyBloc. With her expertise in helping agencies save time and money in processing commissions, she'll talk about what agencies are turning to to streamline commissions processing, identify missed commissions, and gather insights from their data.