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As we know, you can use the NPS Survey to find out how your clients feel about you by asking: "How likely is it that you would refer me to someone?" But, you can make the NPS work even harder for you by using it internally. 

In this video below, Gerry Crispin talks about how you can use the NPS to determine how enjoyable your candidate experience is:

Gerry Crispin - How the Net Promoter Score Relates to the Candidate Experience

He talks about companies who have asked the question "How likely is it that you would refer someone to apply for our company?" And yes, those companies ask everyone: those who were hired and those who weren't. It's a good way for the company to test their recruitment process and candidate experience. However, I see another way the NPS could be used with current employees.

I think it would be helpful for companies to ask all of their current employees (obviously keeping it anonymous) how likely they are to refer someone to apply for a job at their company. This will give you a good sense of how happy your employees are overall, and it lends itself to follow-up surveys.

However, since anonymity is important for these survey answers to be honest, that means you can't necessarily follow up with individuals. But, here's a couple things you could think about doing:

  • With your high scores (9-10), you could have a follow-up question asking if that person minds giving their name. If they choose to provide their name, you can utilize them and their network the next time you're looking to hire. 
  • You could send out a follow-up survey to your low scores (0-6) asking questions regarding the company culture and asking for any suggestions to make it better. Your employees are your greatest asset, after all!
  • Give an option for the respondents to set up a meeting with you to discuss any issues they might have. There might be a simple solution to their unhappiness, but you'll never know unless you talk it out.

If you take anything from this, take this: company culture is so important. You should be doing everything you can to create an environment where you employees enjoying coming and where they can be productive. Great company cultures produce great company results, so nurturing the culture is vital. Using an NPS survey to gather insights from your employees about your company culture is a great place to start the conversation.

Want to learn more about the NPS?

Check out this webinar we did with Rocket Referrals discussing how you can use the NPS survey results to improve communication with your clients.

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Kelsey Rosauer

By Kelsey Rosauer on March 25, 2015 in Manage Your Agency

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