[Webinar] 3 Steps to Implementing Fee-for-Service into Your Agency

The health and life insurance industry is changing. In order to keep up and stay competitive, agencies need to meet that change. For many agencies, this means implementing a fee-for-service model that helps them to recoup costs and stay profitable in the future.

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Cheryl Perez, BIG HR

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The 3 Steps We'll Cover:

Evaluate where you are and where you want to go
Determine your service offering
Build your infrastructure
BONUS: Get your questions answered by the industry expert that created and followed these steps to implement a fee-for-service model in her own insurance agency!

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  • What is fee-for-service?

    Fee-for-service is a business model that is becoming more attractive in the insurance industry in recent years. This model integrates services you provide your clients and prospects for free with ones you charge for to help you close the wage gap caused by smaller commissions. These services vary agency to agency and will be highly dependent upon your offerings, your clients, and your audiences' needs. 

  • Why are agencies moving towards a fee-for-service model?

    Agents are experiencing a significant dilemma of dwindling commission payments which forces them to work longer hours, bring in more policies, and endure extraordinary amounts of stress. Many agencies have found refuge and profitability by moving to a fee-for-service model that allows them to expand their offerings and earn more with less conversions by providing additional services to meet a variety of needs.

  • What does the transition look like?

    Cheryl Perez, President of BIG-HR, will discuss how she spearheaded the venture and made the move to implement a fee-for-service model in her insurance agency. She will touch on her reasoning why, cover the three steps she took, and explain how you, too, can follow these steps to begin your transition to a fee-for-service model in your agency.