Utilize sales reporting to give your team a comprehensive view of your sales efforts.

Managing and tracking sales initiatives for a life and health insurance agency is only half of the equation. The other half is the actual analysis. 

Identify what is and is not working in your current sales processes to help you understand the health of your sales initiatives and how to improve. Dive deeper into the peaks and troughs of your sales process, connect the dots, better attach attribution, and put together a plan for the future. 

In AgencyBloc, you can monitor your health and life insurance sales efforts and initiatives with pre-built sales-specific reports and sales-specific dashboards. 

Use the Sales Dashboard in AgencyBloc to monitor what’s happening at a high level. AgencyBloc’s Sales Dashboard is broken down into leads and pipelines to help you see the entire journey a life and health insurance contact takes from initial interest to investment. With the pre-built sales reports, drill down into the data to gain a deeper understanding and make meaningful changes. 

Lead graphs in AgencyBloc dashboard

Insurance Lead Management & Analysis

Regardless of how you gather leads (paid lists, lead forms, warm intros, referrals, walk-ins/call-ins, digital marketing, etc.), you want to ensure they’re worth your time and effort. Assess the value and calculate ROI (return on investment) for the leads you gather by running lead-specific analysis. 

Monitor the Sales Dashboard for:

  • The status of group and individual leads
  • The number of leads by lead source
  • The number of leads that still need to be assigned to an agent
  • The number of leads without a new Activity scheduled
  • The breakdown of leads by agent
Productivity graphs on AgencyBloc dashboard

Sales Team Performance & Productivity

Keep track of your sales team's efforts to ensure alignment between their workload, performance, and goals. Monitor how many leads each life and health insurance agent is assigned, their top closed won opportunities, and the conversion rates and revenue they’ve achieved. Using this information, you’ll have valuable data to grow your business. 

Use AgencyBloc’s Dashboard to monitor agent-specific data like:

  • Lead distribution by agent
  • The top closed won opportunities by agent
  • The number of open and completed Activities for each agent
  • The top commissions received by agent
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