Customer Relationship Management Software for Life and Health Insurance

AgencyBloc is a life and health insurance industry-specific CRM software built for agencies and agents to help streamline the management of your business.

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A life and health insurance industry-specific CRM software for agencies and agents to help streamline the management of your business.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a tool businesses use to nurture new leads and manage client relationships.

CRMs offer many benefits, including:

  • Contact management (clients, leads, prospects, etc.)
  • Communication tracking with agents, clients, and prospects
  • Activity tracking and task assignment 
  • File and document management
  • Email marketing
  • Reporting (client, sales, etc.)

Insurance agencies use CRM software to manage their relationships with prospects and clients,  manage their book of business, including policy management, and create goal-oriented processes. 

There are generic CRMs, and there are industry-specific CRMs. 

  • Generic CRMs are built to be used by businesses of all sizes across different industries. 
  • Industry-specific CRMs are built with one type of business in mind, like insurance.

AgencyBloc takes this a step further as it’s a CRM built specifically for life and health insurance agencies. 

Chris G."AgencyBloc is the only CRM designed specifically for the health and life insurance industry, so it required very little customization. It's an intuitive system at a very reasonable cost with excellent and responsive customer service."
Chris G., Northwest Farmer- Stockman Inc.

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  • Activity Management

    Monitor all activity and task assignments in AgencyBloc to track what has been completed, what is still in progress, and the overall productivity of your staff. AgencyBloc’s Activities are time and date-stamped to create an irrefutable digital “paper trail” your agency can rely on for E&O issues and internal auditing. 

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  • Policy Management + Enrollment & Election Tracking

    AgencyBloc’s policy management tools track a policy’s status throughout the sales and service process, coverage type and product details, enrollment and election information, servicing agent, all communication tied to that policy, and commission data. Plus, track all carriers to create a comprehensive profile for each policy in your book of business. 

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  • Agent Management

    Track in-house and contract agents with AgencyBloc. Centralize agent paperwork like E&O forms and licenses, monitor recruiting efforts, and keep agents on task with assigned activities. Monitor their performance with real-time dashboard analytics and reporting, and pay your agents correctly with AgencyBloc’s Commissions Module and agent statement generator.

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  • Account & Client Management

    Level up your customer service with easy-to-use contact management tools. AgencyBloc’s account and client management features allow you to store more information about your clients, agents, prospects, leads, and opportunities in an industry-specific CRM. Easily navigate and quickly locate any information you need, maintain more meaningful communication, and provide top-tier customer service. 

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  • Mass Communication

    Send the right message at the right time to stay in touch with your contacts when they need it most. AgencyBloc’s mass communication tools allow you to stay in touch with your agents, prospects, and clients to ensure they feel supported, have the information they need to be successful, and create a deeper relationship with your agency. 

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  • Email Marketing & Campaign Management

    Create targeted communications designed for specific audiences using AgencyBloc’s integrated Email Marketing feature. Filter the audience to create a segmented message that adds value and brings insight to those who receive it. Build single send and drip campaigns, then monitor performance to see which messages landed and who interacted.

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