Quoting & Proposals

Quote+ is a streamlined, all-in-one quoting and proposal tool brokers can use to cut down on the busy work and spend more time supporting and retaining their clients.

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Manage employer groups with a feature-rich group insurance quoting & proposal tool.

Brokers spend 18 hours per year, on average, on each group during the enrollment season. Quote+ allows you to cut that time in half. 

Quote+ employer group enrollment management tools include:

How the Quote+ Group Management Tools Saves Your Agency Time

Centralizing your data allows your agency to work more efficiently and gives the renewals, client services, and account management teams the ability to serve the group employer at the highest level. Typically, a broker will spend, on average, 18 hours per group during the renewal or enrollment season.

Brokers spend on average 18 hours per Small Group per year

  • Stage 1, 3 Hours: Quoting coordination, gathering information, fact finding, finding fit, and pulling rates
  • Stage 2, 4 Hours: Enrollment coordination, preparing and presenting proposals, collecting employee and dependent elections (especially for medical underwriting)
  • Stage 3, 3 Hours: Group closing, finalizing paperwork, sending final elections and giving the carrier order
  • Stage 4, 8 Hours: Ongoing support

6-Step Quote+ Process

Quote+ allows you to simplify the process and cut down those 18 hours by centralizing the quoting, proposal generation, and enrollment processes into one location. The steps are:

  1. Add/update employer group information
  2. Add/update employees and dependent data
  3. Collect individual health history information (for medically underwritten plans)
  4. View and compare products and pricing and gather final quotes
  5. Generate employer-ready proposals with selected products for consideration
  6. Send final selections and enrollment and election data to the carrier

Navigating the Private Broker Marketplace

Quote+ provides brokers with a secure, private marketplace to shop quotes from a variety of carriers for medically underwritten, community rated, and ancillary products. This process saves brokers significant time from shopping around and gathering quotes from individual carrier portals. Map your employee data directly to the quotes to pull accurate, complete quotes that are ready for presentation.

Quote+ Medical Health Questionnaire for Medically Underwritten Plans

If you choose to offer medically underwritten plans, make the process of capturing employee health history information easier with the Quote+ medical health questionnaire. Send the online interview to the employees with deadlines for completion. This workflow runs independently so that you can focus on other revenue-generating tasks.

This process saves brokers hours of work in gathering, managing, and submitting medical health data for each employee at every employer group. Which, in turn, allows brokers to better support their employer groups and provide improved customer service. 

Creating Employer-Ready Proposals in Quote+

Build and design branded employer-ready benefits proposals. Choose the lines of coverage and plan details you want to include, pick your brand colors, and quickly download the final proposal. Then, send those to your employer group for consideration. 

  • Benefits Proposals

    Generating proposals is a crucial step in the selling or renewal process for employer groups, and the process can be manual and tedious when building proposals from scratch. Simplify this process by using health insurance proposal tools in Quote+ that quickly create detailed proposals for employer groups to consider.

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  • Elections & Enrollment Briefs

    Manage employers and their employees, dependents, and relations in one central location to create a comprehensive employee census that can be used within the quoting and proposal processes. Manage the data and map it to carrier forms to save time and resources in the quoting process. Securely store the data and map it to carrier forms with HIPAA-compliant software.

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  • Health Questionnaires

    If you offer medically underwritten, level-funded, or self-funded plans, then it’s essential to have a way to quickly and securely gather employee medical health data. For insurance brokers, this can be a time-intensive task.

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  • Quoting

    Quoting is essential to selling and renewing any employer group. Quote+ provides a private, broker-controlled online marketplace brokers can use to gather quotes for their groups. Easily search, select, and compare products to find the best fit for your employer-ready proposal.

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