Insurance Quoting for Group Benefits

Compare medically underwritten, community rated, and ancillary quotes side-by-side in a secure online, private marketplace. 

Easily View, Compare, & Select Employer Group Benefits Quotes

Quoting is essential to selling and renewing any employer group. Quote+ provides a private, broker-controlled online marketplace brokers can use to gather quotes for their groups. Easily search, select, and compare products to find the best fit for your employer-ready proposal.

Quote+ compiles rates for:

  • Medically underwritten, level-funded, and self-funded plans
  • Community rated, fully-insured, and ACA products
  • Ancillary products (including dental and vision)

Insurance Quoting in Quote+

Screen showing medically underwritten, community rated, and ancillary product quotes in Quote+

Gathering quotes can be a time-intensive process when comparing multiple carriers and gathering a variety of products and plan types. Quote+ allows you to pull all types of quotes from a variety of carriers in one location, which saves you time and allows you to better service the client

Quoting Medically Underwritten Plans

With Quote+, you can view illustrative quotes before fully taking the group through any medical health questionnaires. Compare those quotes with community rated to determine the best fit for the group. Use the Quote+ medical health online interview to update those illustrative quotes and start the enrollment process with the carrier. 

Quoting Community Rated Products

Quote community rated, ACA, and fully-insured plans from a number of carriers in one place. Capture the quotes you need for comparison and easily share them with your clients. Then, send the final selections to the carrier of choice to complete the process.

Quoting Ancillary Products

Centralize your quoting efforts by pulling dental and vision quotes alongside your medically underwritten or community rated medical quotes to create a complete picture for your employer group. Shop multiple carriers and their ancillary products to find the right ones to add to your final employer-ready proposal.