About The Company

Morgan Benefits Ltd. is an employee benefits broker based in northeast Ohio. Formed in 2002, they specialize in small and large group benefits, senior products, and individual insurance. An early adopter of FormFire, Morgan Benefits is a veteran of the group benefits industry and has experienced many changes in the small group medical underwriting market, such as the transition to paperless forms.

How Do You Use FormFire?

Over 60% of Morgan Benefits’ agency uses FormFire every day to quote 90% of their small group business. Quoting and enrolling with FormFire’s Medical Health Questionnaire tool helps them more efficiently gather employee health data to find the best plans for their small groups. Using the Data Mapping tool, they can easily enter employee information into a wide array of pre-loaded forms from the largest carriers. Because of this, Morgan Benefits now spends less time on manual work and more time growing their book of business and bringing in new clients.

How Has FormFire Been of Value to You?

“FormFire is an essential tool in running our business,” commented Bill Morgan, President of Morgan Benefits. They have been utilizing FormFire for medical underwriting since 2006. Joining before digital applications were the norm, Morgan Benefits was eager to get away from paper applications and get a head start on what they felt was the future of medical underwriting.

FormFire has provided Morgan Benefits with a streamlined solution for medical underwriting. With it, Morgan Benefits saves time and experiences peace of mind, especially during Open Enrollment. FormFire is able to provide Morgan Benefits with clean data that takes the guesswork out of quoting and enrolling with paper applications.

Bill M.

"Our experience with both organizations has been good. They are good people, not overly bureaucratic. That’s what we try to be in the marketplace."

Bill M. | Morgan Benefits Ltd.

How Do You Use AgencyBloc?

Morgan Benefits uses AgencyBloc’s industry-specific agency management system (AMS) to track their data, manage commissions, and run reports. They run AgencyBloc in tandem with FormFire to complete the quoting and enrollment process and manage clients, prospects, and policies throughout the year.

AgencyBloc is Morgan Benefits’ data repository storing all of the data for each line of business they sell, as well as their commission data. They leverage AgencyBloc’s Commission Module to track and manage their incoming commission payments, including splits, and monitor missing commission payments.  WIth their data in one location, Morgan Benefits is able to run insightful reports in AgencyBloc that help them understand performance and monitor growth.

How Has AgencyBloc Been of Value to You?

The centralization of their data has made a notable difference in how Morgan Benefits runs their business. They previously used Excel to manage their business, track their data, and process commissions, all of which were manual processes. The efficiencies they have found with AgencyBloc’s automation and data import capabilities have improved their productivity by 70%.

By using AgencyBloc’s Commission Module, Morgan Benefits spends 75% less time processing commissions and has uncovered over $4,000 in missing compensation. These savings in time and uncovered commissions more than pay for their annual AgencyBloc subscription and have helped to make their agency more profitable. 

However, the most valuable impact is the potential for growth. Having processes in place to manage their commission and client data means they can more easily scale their agency as they have more time to focus on revenue-generating tasks.  

Utilizing both FormFire and AgencyBloc provides Morgan Benefits with the ability to efficiently and effectively serve their clients. FormFire offers expedited solutions for medical underwriting, saving the agency significant time during enrollment season. AgencyBloc provides a centralized and easily-accessible location for all client and commission data, making tracking and managing their data simple and accurate. 

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Posted on Thursday, December 29, 2022 in Group Benefits