[Webinar] The Nitty Gritty Security Questions You Need to Ask Insurtech Vendors

The world of software and cloud security can be a confusing one. Learn from an insurance software and IT professional about the terms you should know and the questions you should ask of any insurance software vendor.

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Cory Schmidt

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Chief Technology Officer

You'll learn:

The current state of data storage and security for insurance agencies
The current landscape of cloud storage and security
The terms you should know and the questions you should ask when speaking with any insurtech vendor
PLUS: Listen to a Q&A with an insurance software and IT professional with 15+ years of experience in the field!

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  • Why do you need to know about insurtech security?

    As a decision maker purchasing software for your insurance agency, you want to understand the ins and outs of how your data will be stored and secured. But, you don't always know what questions to ask, or maybe the IT lingo confuses you. This webinar is where you'll get your questions answered!

  • What are other insurance agencies using to store and manage their book of business?

    Insurance agencies primarily use one of these four things to manage their book of business: paper files, spreadsheets, generic CRMs, or industry-specific agency management systems (AMS). We will discuss how prevalent each of these is in the industry today and the security implications of each.

  • What terms will we discuss?

    Cory Schmidt, Chief Technology Officer at AgencyBloc, will talk about everything from cloud hosting to software maintenance and updates. As he goes through these, he'll discuss industry standards and will point out the terms you should know and the questions you'll want to ask of your software vendors.