Organize, Automate, & Grow Your Insurance Agency

AgencyBloc is an agency management system that helps life and health insurance agencies grow their business with an industry-specific CRM, commissions processing, and integrated business and marketing automation.

Manage Your Insurance Agency

Whether you are a GA, MGA, IMO, FMO or solo life and health insurance agency, AgencyBloc provides powerful tools to easily manage, access and report on client, prospect, agent and commission data. Available 24/7 with a cloud-based, industry-specific CRM. Learn more

Insurance agency task tracking

Industry Specific CRM

Looking for a better way to manage your agency? AgencyBloc's insurance CRM has everything you need to keep track of your clients, prospects and agents and use the information to make smart business decisions.

Process Commissions

Simply import carrier statements, and AgencyBloc takes care of the splits for you. AgencyBloc helps you project commissions and uncover any commissions not received, so you get paid on everything you deserve.

Business Automation

Tired of spending time on tasks like follow-up emails or tracking down agents? With AgencyBloc, create custom automation to meet your agency’s specific needs.

Enhance Client and Prospect Relationships

Build and nurture client and prospect relationships with ease through the use of automated workflow campaigns and email marketing. Quickly pull up a client record and have access to everything you need: notes, beneficiaries, policies, applications, and more. Learn more

Lead Forms

Capture leads on your website and funnel them directly into AgencyBloc. AgencyBloc’s lead form builder is simple and intuitive, so you can start capturing leads immediately.

Marketing Automation

Maintain meaningful communication with your clients and prospects. Set up campaigns to automatically run based on events you determine.

Saved Searches

Quickly find and keep what’s important to you. Search on endless criteria to find exactly what you’re looking for, and keep it on hand to return to again.

Insurance Client and Prospect Relationships

Grow Your Business

Get a live pulse on your business with dashboards and find missed opportunities with reports. Grow your business with automation and marketing. Learn more

Dashboards & Reporting

Make smart business decisions based on real-time data analyzation. View all aspects of your agency through visually appealing graphs, charts and reports.

Automate Marketing & Business Functions

Take control of your day-to-day. Spend less time on emails and tasks and more time growing your business.

Prospecting & Lead Tracking

Track your leads from first contact to policy written or agent hired, and quickly recognize your best lead sources.

Grow your insurance agency

What AgencyBloc clients are saying ...

  • AgencyBloc is a wonderfully robust and easy to use Life and Health Insurance agency management tool. Many AMS programs are strong in the sales and prospecting portion but lack in the management of new and renewal business. AgencyBloc is the only option that I have found that is powerful on both sides. The added benefits of managing our product portfolio and agents in the same program has worked out great. Everything we need is one log-in away.

    Crystal CrystalCentury Health Solutions, Inc.
  • We love AgencyBloc!! It is so wonderful to find information regarding our clients in one data storage location. The software has streamlined how and what information we keep track of. What we appreciate most about AgencyBloc is, as they have grown they have not lost sight of what is most important when it comes to software and that is "Customer Service". In the three years since I have been using AB I have always had my questions answered on the first call. Not once has someone had to call me back to resolve an issue. This is huge!!

    DanetteGrace and Porta Benefits, Inc.
  • I definitely didn't do enough research when I was originally selecting a program - mainly to track commissions. The original program I used was not set up for Insurance agents. Unfortunately, it was a waste of my time. Thankfully I started asking other agents what they use and one agent highly suggested AgencyBloc. There are so many wonderful features that AgencyBloc offers. It is geared specifically toward agents and commissions tracking has been a breeze. The customer service is effective and efficient. I highly recommend it!

    Kim KimDBG Financial Group, Inc.